Nintendo NX Games Include At Least Four Wii U Ports?

Industry insider suggests that Nintendo NX games at launch will have at least four Wii U ports; several other ports are also in the works.

We have had a number of rumors about alleged Nintendo NX games that will make it in the launch line-up, however since Nintendo itself is yet to reveal the console, they are also not talking about the games so far.

Yet, according to some rumors it looks like they are not completely focused on new games – unlike what a vast majority of the fans would want. In fact, an insider says that at least four Wii U games are going to be ported at first.

Nintendo NX Games Include Four Wii U Ports?

Emily Rogers, a known leaker and alleged insider recently tweeted about the the games that will (in her opinion) be among the launch titles of the console, and without giving us any names she said that there will be at least four games that we already know of.

Her Twitter does not have the tweet anymore, but she also added that actually there were more Wii U ports being worked on, out of which Rogers is sure of at least four.

Now if we look at the game line up on Wii U, some names pop up in our minds immediately, like the new Zelda Wii U game which has already been rumored to be one of the NIntendo NX games we will get.

Other speculations suggest that we could get Super Smash Bros, Splatoon and Super Mario Maker since these have been the most popular releases of late.

While the speculations regarding Wii U ports remains open, a number of new games have also been rumored to be released on Nintendo NX. For instance Luigi’s Mansion 3, Star Wars Battlefront and Battlefield, Beyond Good and Evil 2, Mech Super eXtended, and an Ubisoft game.

More on Nintendo NX games could come at E3 hopefully.

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