One Nintendo NX Game is Called Mech Super eXtended by Byte4Games

Mech Super eXtended by Byte 4 Games might be one of the games that Nintendo NX is going to get.

We know that a number of studios are secretly working on games that will be released on Nintendo NX, the shrouded console that Nintendo doesn’t speak of much yet. However, there aren’t really any titles that have been made official – only rumors like the one suggesting that a Super Smash Bros game will be a launch title.

Now, however, we might have stumbled upon at least one game that the console is going to have. Sadly, it is nothing like the iconic franchises of Nintendo and otherwise that you have had in your mind. The game is called Mech Super eXtended and apparently, it is being developed by Byte 4 Games.

This has come up through the LinkedIn profile of Francisco Mollá Gandía, a project manager at Byte 4 Games whose profile says he has been working with the developer for over five months.

Currently, his profile reveals that he is working as the game designer and director for a title called Mech Super eXtended which, according to him, is being developed not only for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC but also for the upcoming secretive console Nintendo NX.

This is his second project with Byte 4 Games, the first one being Demon’s Crystals, a multiplatform arcade shooter which the studio revealed last year.

However, so far Byte 4 Games has not said much about the game called Mech Super eXtended, probably because they are currently focused on Demon’s Crystals’ release.

We are trying to reach out to Francisco Mollá Gandía, the project manager and/ or Byte 4 Games for more details on the Nintendo NX game, and will be letting you know if there is anything.

Source, LinkedIn.

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