Nintendo NX Details Revealed? Ubisoft to be Said to be Working on a NX Game

The latest rumour from a "source" reveals some details about the Nintendo NX, including a Ubisoft game that may be in the works.

It seems the speculation around the Nintendo NX and its release is never ending. Today we have another rumour about what the console will be, and another games publisher who may be working on games for it.

The latest rumour was said to be posted on 4Chan, but has since been deleted. It was also shared on the VGChartz forum and involves Ubisoft. In it this “source” who posted on 4Chan states that he was in contact with a Ubisoft Bucharest developer who says that they now have NX Dev Kits, in fact they had them since October 2015. They also claim:

“NX is a portable device and a home console. There will be two different devices, the handheld and the home console, the first one will launch in late 2016, while the home console will probably launch sometimes in 2017. They only recieved dev kits for the handheld as of now. He said they are both different systems but they share the same OS and account system, which makes it easier to him as developer to port games between both platforms. He also said that Nintendo probably doesn’t intend to bring all their games to both systems, but he will find out more on this at CES 2016 where Nintendo will show them more of the hardware capabilities as well as the home console.”

This corresponds to many of the rumours around the NX at the moment, so it is hardly new and again merely speculation. On what Ubisoft were working on, it may be a port of Assassin’s Creed: Liberation:

“Now I asked him what Ubisoft Bucharest is developing for the portable NX device and he answered that they are preparing a port of Assassin’s Creed Liberation, a PlayStation Vita game, for it as a launch title. He said when they were asked by the Ubisoft managers in France what they want to develop they said they wanted to port an Assassin’s Creed game to the handheld because they have a lot of experience in porting.”

While this is interesting if true, it is merely speculation and of course a “4chan” source is hardly the best to go by. It does feel like more of a “a source says” type rumour. A lot of this is built from earlier rumours so doesn’t really offer much new.

Do all these rumours of the Nintendo NX catch your interest? Let us know your thoughts below.

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