Ni No Kuni: Cross Worlds Territe Farming Tips

In this Ni no Kuni: Cross Worlds guide, we'll discuss the in-game crypto tokens "Territe" and how you can farm them to avail upgrades.

Are you confused about Territe Energy and Currency in Ni no Kuni: Cross World and can’t wrap your head around the whole blockchain technology in the game?

Well, worry no more. In this Ni no Kuni: Cross World guide, we’ll discuss the crypto tokens Territe and how and where you can farm them.

What’s Territe In Ni No Kuni: Cross Worlds

If you’ve kept yourself away from the whole crypto and blockchain discussion, understanding Territe Energy and Currency can be a little confusing.

To give you a brief overview, crypto is a digital currency that operates through the blockchain, a digital ledger of these transactions. And Ni no Kuni has recently featured this technology in the game as well.

Ni no Kuni: Cross Worlds introduced the crypto tokens ‘Territe’ and ‘Asterite,’ which are also useful in-game resources that can be farmed. Players can obtain Territe while playing their normal gameplay, whereas Asterite can be acquired while playing the arena PvP.

Once players have these, they can upgrade their equipment and gear to elevate their gameplay. They can also trade or sell these upgraded items among other players.

Moreover, acquiring Territe and Asterite also means that players can convert them to NKT (Territe Token) and NKA (Asterite Token) on NetMarble’s blockchain.

To convert Territe or Asterite, players should head to the menu option in the game and select the token conversation section. Then, click on it to be redirected to the MARBLEX Wallet to convert Territe into Territe token.

Once that’s done, you’re now free to keep it, or this cryptocurrency can also be traded for another currency that is only exclusively available on NetMarble.

How To Farm Territe In Ni No Kuni: Cross Worlds

First, it must be understood that Territe cannot be bought from the Cash Shop. But you can reset the Territe using 100 Diamonds. So, diamonds can be used to facilitate Territe Farming rather than buying Territe directly.

Now that you’re clear on the in-game crypto token let’s look into how you can farm these while playing Ni no Kuni.

Daily Quests (Best Method)

Similar to many MMORPGs, Ni No Kuni: Cross Worlds also offers Daily Quests for the players to get rewards. The Daily quests not only provide task points but also rewards players with Territe.

Most of the Daily Quests are very simple, requiring the players to use all the acquired skill sets except PvP skills. Therefore, we recommend using classes that are more geared toward farming like Destroyer.

Some of the Daily Quest can complete Fire Temple, tasks inside Guild, or even a Familiar Adventure. Hence, always complete Daily quests before doing any other quests.

This is hands down the best method to get Territe due to its consistency and ease of completion. You are guaranteed 50 Territe once you reach 60 Daily Activity Points.

Main Quests

Completing Main Quest might not be the most efficient way to get Territe, but it surely is the most fun way! Completing Main Quests not only rewards you with Territe but also grants 25 inventory slots for each character in a class. Hence, this is not only a method to farm Territe but also to upgrade your classes.

Killing Monsters in Chaos Field

Chaos Field is a location in Ni No Kuni: Cross Worlds where you can fight monsters to get rare item drops. These items also include Territe.

You don’t even need to be actually playing to earn these rewards. You can also use the auto-play feature so that your character automatically attacks monsters and collect the dropped items without you having to do anything.

To maximize efficiency, we recommend killing monsters at least 10 levels stronger than you. This will provide you with bonus drops and exp. Also, make use of energy drinks while farming in Chaos Fields. They can be obtained from completing daily quests. Therefore, energy drinks are a must-have in Chaos Field as they can increase Territe drop rate up to 700% for half an hour.

Familiar Adventures

This is another method to get Territe is to complete Familiar Adventurers. Once you reach level 5, you can start visiting Territe mines. Make sure to reset the map for free to get more Territe every day.

You don’t get much Territe from this method, but it increases as you started visiting higher-level mines. So, try to unlock the higher-level mines to increase Territe drops.

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