Ni no Kuni: Cross Worlds Equipment Guide

In this detailed Ni no Kuni: Cross Worlds Equipment guide, we’ll be looking into the types of equipment available.

While playing Ni No Kuni, you’ll soon realize one of the significant upgrades needed while playing the game and what makes your character better than others is having better armor and weapons. Acquiring them positively impacts how your character functions in the game and improves your playing experience. In this detailed Ni no Kuni: Cross Worlds Equipment guide, we’ll be looking into the types of equipment available and how they affect your character.

Equipment System is one of the dominant features while playing Cross Worlds. It is a significant source of collecting various helpful gear and weapons in the game and determining how strong your character is and how well it is in terms of Combat Power.

Types of Equipment in Ni no Kuni: Cross Worlds

Having different sorts of Equipment acquired will ensure that you roam around freely in the game’s world and uncover mysteries without putting your life under constant threat by enemies and opponents.

Understanding the types of equipment and what actually falls under it can be a little confusing while playing Ni no Kuni: Cross Worlds; however, with a simple explanation, you should be able to wrap your head around it.

So what really is Equipment in Ni no Kuni comes? Well, Equipment in this game comes in different forms and elements. It includes Weapons, Armor, and Accessories. Every character has ten sections to fill in with Equipment, and each Equipment category has allotted slots;  Weapons (3), Accessories (3), and Armor (4).

Also, something important to keep in mind is that weapons are specific to each class, whereas, for the other two equipment categories,  you can freely choose options regardless of your character’s class. Options for Armor include; Body, Head, Arms, and Legs. For Accessories, you can select between Earrings, Ring, and Necklace.

Apart from the types of equipment players can acquire, they are also divided into different rarities. These rarities are between 1-4 Star Equipment and a Rare 4 Star Equipment. Naturally, the higher the rarity tier, the better the Equipment.

Moreover, every Equipment in the game is classified by different elements. The best weapon from each element will give you the best performance and results against various enemies. Correct usage of the element will have your weapon deal +50% damage, whereas the opposing element can have your weapon deal -50% damage.

There are a total of five elements in Ni no Kuni: Cross Worlds which include;

  • Earth Element (Strong against: Water Element, Weak against Fire Element)
  • Water Element (Strong against: Fire Element, Weak against: Earth Element)
  • Fire Element: (Strong against: Earth Element, Weak against: Water Element)
  • Dark Element (Stronge and Weak against: Light Element)
  • Light Element (Strong and Weak against: Dark Element)

How to Craft Equipment in Ni no Kuni: Cross Worlds

Now that we’re clear on what Equipment is in Cross Worlds and the type of elements and rarities they are impacted by, let’s figure out how you can acquire them. There are two primary ways to acquire Equipment in the game, Gacha Summoning and Crafting.

Gacha Summoning is a free in-game method that is highly reliant on your luck. You use free in-game tickets that you get rewarded for this method, or you use your diamond currency for it.

The Equipment you receive highly depends on the chances they are granted on, so for your 2 Star equipment, you have about 60% summoning chances; for 3 Star Equipment, you have 36% summoning chances; and finally, for 4 Star Equipment, you have about 4% summoning chances. Therefore, the rarer the Equipment, the smaller the chances of getting it through the Gacha summoning system.

While it’s fun to test your luck every now and then, losing all your diamonds on this method can be pretty hard. There will be more than one instance where you’ll receive a duplicate of the equipment you don’t need. When relying solely on the Gacha method for getting your Equipment, this can be pretty underwhelming, costly, and require a lot of patience.

This is why we recommend just farming for the Equipment. This simply includes participating in daily quests, side quests, claiming daily rewards, killing enemies around the world, and doing main story quests.

Additionally, there are also the chances that you’ll be crafting many duplicate weapons, armor, and accessories in excessive amounts while out on the search due to the randomized granting system in the game. Well, it plays in your favor as with excessive Equipment, players can disassemble its pieces and craft them into a weapon or armor piece they need!

How to Upgrade and Enhance Equipment in Ni no Kuni: Cross Worlds

There are about four methods players can rely on when it comes to Upgrading and Enhancing their Equipment.

The first method has to do with leveling up your Equipment. You can level up your weapon, armor, and accessories from level 1 to 30 with the help of leveling materials that are exclusive to each equipment category. You can also get elemental leveling resources exclusively for weapons only, whereas some elemental leveling resources can be used on any Equipment to level it up.

From here on, players can shift to the Boosting method. Once the Equipment is on level 30, it can be boosted, which entails increasing its star rarity by one.

So, for example, 3-star equipment on level 30 can be pushed to 4-star rarity. The equipment level returns to Level 1, and the star stats increase. The reset allows you to make the star stat of the Equipment surge up to a maximum of six stars.

Players can also use the Enhancing method, which is basically using the Enhancement stones to boost the stats of your Equipment. Equipment can be enhanced from +1 enhancement to +30 enhancement.

When you use stones for the first few times, the enhancement rate will be high to 100%, but as you repeat the process repeatedly, the rate will be compromised, requiring more stones. Players can get these stones quickly through daily quests, side quests, main quests, rewards, and boss fights.

Lastly, players can also opt for the Awakening method, which is a duplicate mechanic. Upon acquiring the same Equipment more than once, players can merge the duplicates and strengthen it into one piece with higher base stats. The success rate for the first few pieces of Equipment using the Awakening method will be 100%. However, as the process repeats, the rate will go down, requiring more duplicates of the same item.

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