New World Best Leveling Builds

The all-new RPG, New World, has been creating waves throughout the gaming universe. In this New World Best Leveling Builds...

The all-new RPG, New World, has been creating waves throughout the gaming universe. In this New World Best Leveling Builds guide, we will get you up to speed with the best leveling builds in New World.

New World Best Leveling Builds

Just like every other game, it’s only natural to assume that players want to level up fast in their ventures across Aeternum.

Apart from a few tips and tricks that you can adhere to grind XP, your build has a lot of say in how fast you level up. Just for that reason, our guide below details some of the finest leveling builds in New World.

Below, we have detailed our five best leveling builds in New World, along with their attribute distribution, armor, and more.

Attribute Distribution

The different weapons mentioned in the builds below use different attributes.

Basically, you want to prioritize the attribute(s) used by the weapon you primarily utilize. You will figure that out after playing around with the weapons for a few levels.

For instance, Bow scales off of Dexterity, and Hatchet scales off of Strength. If you accidentally invest points in the wrong attribute, know that you can always respec the attributes for a small fee or for free up to Level 20.

Keep in mind this is just what we recommend; feel free to experiment around as per your playstyle.


Your armor is pretty important in your build since its weight governs how well you can dodge. As a general rule of thumb, if your build is based on mobility, you want your armor to be as light as possible.

Although a lighter armor will offer you less protection, it’ll boost your dodging ability and offer you a damage bonus. On the other hand, a heavier armor is your choice for a relatively defensive build.

Build # 1 – Hatchet and Life Staff

This build will make an exceptional blend of the Berserk Mode (increased damage, movement speed, and passive healing effect) of Hatchet and the healing abilities of Life Staff, giving you impressive survivability. As a result, you won’t have to waste your important time for healing in between battles.

It is also worth mentioning that with the Sacred Ground ability chosen in the Life Staff’s skill tree, you’ll be healed for a decent duration, considering its short cooldown of only 20s.

Build # 2 – Hatchet and Bow

For finishing your battles quickly, this build is your best bet. It combines Hatchet’s Berserk Mode with the passive movement buffs of the Bow, like Archer’s Speed. As a result, you’ll find yourself speeding all over the place.

Furthermore, with the Hawkeye mastery unlocked in the skill tree of Bow, you’ll get healed by10% of the damage you deal when you connect a headshot.

Keep in mind, however, that to use the Bow, you’ll need to craft arrows for it.

Build # 3 – Spear and Musket

This Spear and Musket build is quite useful for PvP when you are grinding for that coveted XP. Spear is the primary weapon in this build, whose sweep attacks are particularly handy when it comes to clearing out swarms of enemies.

Build # 4 – Great Axe and Hatchet

This build adds something new to the Hatchet builds mentioned above. With the Great Axe as the primary weapon, the overall raw damage of the build is greatly boosted.

Couple that with the Berserk Mode of Hatchet, and you have a comprehensive build at your disposal.

Build # 5 – Life Staff and Sword

In this build, the Life Staff adds the missing aspect of sustainability in the skill tree of Sword through its healing prowess. As a result, you are able to stand your ground in combat for great periods of time, improving your chances of coming out on top.

Build # 6 – Rapier and Musket

The Rapier’s bleed is ideal for DPS that tears enemy health bars to shreds. Using Musket with Rapier helps to passively increase damage by 10% against low-health opponents, making it a great match for the Rapier.

Build # 7- Fire Staff and Ice Gauntlet

The Fire Staff is the best magical weapon for delivering damage and knocking enemies back before they overpower you. Paired with the Ice Gauntlet, you’ll slowly rebuild your Mana supplies during a fight.

Build #8- Bow and Rapier

Bow’s primary specialty comes from Dexterity and when paired with Rapier, Intelligence also comes as a cherry on top. This combo is similar to a Spear and Musket mix. One weapon inflicts maximum damage to enemies at range while the other, stronger weapon, does damage up close.

Leveling Rewards

On reaching certain levels, a variety of items unlock in New World:

Level Rewards
5 Second Weapon Slot Survivalist Quest (Camp Tier 1)
10 Duels First Bag Slot
15 First House Camp Tier 2 Third Consumable Slot
20 Ring Slot Main Story Quest for Azoth Staff Tier 1
25 Fourth Consumable Slot Camp Tier 3
30 Second Bag Slot Main Story Quest for Azoth Staff Tier 2
35 Second House
40 Earring Slot Camp Tier 4 Main Story Quest for Azoth Staff Tier 3
45 Third Bag Slot
50 Invasions
55 Third House Camp Tier 5
60 Outpost Rush