New World Best Hatchet Builds

The New World Best Hatchet Builds consist of weapons that are capable of high DPS and durability. In this guide, we will discuss everything that you need to know in order to build the best character centralized around the hatchet weapon in New World.

New World Best Hatchet Builds

The Hatchet is a melee-focused weapon and also one of the best choices in New World. It is powerful and integrated with just the perfect secondary alternatives as well as passive abilities.

The Hatchet is a Dexterity and Strength weapon that blends well with Constitution. This weapon has two skill trees, the Berserker and the Throwing.

The Berserker focuses on increasing melee range damage and inflicting fast attack swings. On the other hand, the Throwing tree is focused more on ranged attacks and debuffs.

Where to Find the Hatchet Weapon

You can find the Hatchet mainly through crafting. You will use weaponsmithing for this purpose as Hatchet is also denoted as a weapon. Start by preparing Iron Hatchets and advance their type as you progress through this skill.

Visit any forge and then interact with it to start with the process of weaponsmithing. The recipe for crafting an Iron Hatchet is 7x Iron Ingot, 2x Coarse Leather, and 3x Timber.

Additionally, Hatchets can also be dropped by creatures such as alligators, bobcats, lynx, boars, bears, lions, and wolves.

Strengths and Weaknesses

Below we’ve given the strengths and weaknesses of the Hatchet. Let’s start with the strengths of this weapon.


  • You can easily mow down enemies in close range if they are not paying enough attention to your Berserk.
  • Your damage impact is immensely significant, which will make you undefeatable in front of your enemies.
  • It provides you with extra high healing.
  • In PvE, Hatchets have barely any drawbacks.

With strengths come weaknesses, and hatchets can be a bit disadvantageous in PvP mode for the following reasons.


  • You have a limited amount of tools to counter experienced players who will destroy you in PvP.
  • Not the fastest class therefore, enemies will easily kite you in PvP.
  • PvP is extremely difficult for this class.

Attribute Distribution

This is the general build that you’ll use when playing with Hatchet.

  • Strength: 15
  • Dexterity: 150
  • Constitution: 50

Hatchet primarily depends on Strength and Dexterity attributes. For optimal damage, you’ll need a mix of both. Investing some points in Consitution will also be beneficial during fights.

Secondary Weapons

While talking about weapon pairings for Hatchet, anything goes well with it as long as it is a melee weapon. Even those weapons that primarily scale with Dexterity go well with Hatchet since they have a greater headshot scale.

You can be a bit experimental and go with a Bow and Musket, which primarily scale with Dexterity.

Paired with Life Staff, this will give you insane healing power, but you’ll have to put on a focused gem into the Hatchet.

Pairing Hatchet with a Fire Staff or an Ice Gauntlet is not necessarily recommended because it wouldn’t bring many benefits. However, there are much better combinations that can be paired with those weapons.

Overall, Hatchet is an all-rounder weapon that can be used for tanking as well. Below we have gone in-depth of the Skill Trees of the best Hatchet Builds in New World.

Hatchet PvE Build

As discussed earlier in this guide, the skill tree for Hatchet is divided into two parts, Berserker and Throwing. Below is the best way to distribute your skill points for the Hatchet PvE Build.

Berserker Tree

Berserk: Activates Berserk Mode for 20 seconds, dealing +20% on all attack types.

On the Hunt: Increases movement speed by 20% while you’re in Berserk Mode.

Berserking Refresh: When the Berserk Mode ends, you are able to replenish 30% of your HP.

Berserking Purge: When Berserk is triggered, all crowd control effects, like roots and stuns, are gone.

Uninterruptible Berserk: While in Berserk Mode, you can’t be staggered, and your attacks become uninterruptible.

Feral Rush: A gap closer, which allows you to leap onto your foe to carry out a melee attack. The first hit deals 100% weapon damage, while the weapon damage for the second hit is 115%.

Raging Torrent: Allows you to carry out four quick attacks, each dealing 90% weapon damage.

Aggressive Approach: Increases movement speed by 20% for 6 seconds if you hit a target with Raging Torrent.

Final Blow: At the end of Ragin Torrent, press a light attack to deal 120% weapon damage.

Enraged Strikes: When your opponent is below 30% HP, both your Light and Heavy attacks dish out 20% more damage.

Against All Odds: If an enemy is within 5 meters of you, it is dealt with 10% increased base damage.

Defy Death: When your HP is down to 0, you become immortal for 3 seconds.

Accumulated Power: After you make 3 successful light attacks to the same target, you gain Empower.

Frenzied Purge: When you’re below 30% HP, and you hit an enemy, all Bleed, Burn, and Poison DoT effects are removed.

Throwing Tree

Aimed Throw: An Aimed Throw takes the place of a block, dealing 95% weapon damage.

Critical Throw: Makes thrown axes capable of triggering headshots or random critical strikes. Apart from that, it enhances the critical hit chance of every attack by 5%

Axe Murderer PvP Build

The next build that we’ll discuss is ideal for 1vx situations, and the weapon combination of the axe and Hatchet is fantastic.

Keep the same skills as the PvE build mentioned above and follow the Axe build format below to make yourself a beast in any type of combat situation.

Reaper Tree

Reap: Allows you to extend your axe by 5m, pulling foes to you, and dealing 110% weapon damage.

The Collector: Enhances reap range to 8m.

Greed: Light attacks give you 5% damage for 5 seconds.

Charge: Charge 10m, dealing 120% damage, when you reach a target or press LMB.

Critical Gains: Heals you after you land a critical strike.

Death’s Embrace: Penetrates 10% more armor on enemies below 50% HP.

Frustration: Upon blocking an attack, you will get a 15% damage for ten seconds.

Keen Edge: Gives you 10% more critical damage.

Hunger: Heals you for 30% of the damage done by Reap.

Critical Condition: Allows you to land critical strikes on enemies with HP below 30%.

Feed: Heals you for hitting enemies below 30% HP.

Fatal Attraction: Adds a spin attack to Reap, dealing 115% damage

Blood Lust: Increases your speed by 30% and damage by 15%.

Mauler Tree

Heavy Pull: Pulls your enemies closer to you.

Enduring Strike: Adds grits to your heavy attacks, and provides you stagger resistance. It also results in a 20% damage reduction.

Gravity: Helps pull your enemies for 30% longer, which improves the effectiveness of your cc ability.

Gravity Skill: Helps you throw your axe up to 10 meters.

Crowded Well: Increases burst damage by 10% for each foe caught in the vortex.

Unyielding: Adds 10% fortify to all the allies helping you.

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