New World Best Life Staff Build

Life Staff is a Focus-scaled weapon in New World. This base weapon is presently the only available healing weapon that consists of two skill trees, Healing, and Protector. In this guide, we’ll be looking at the New World Best Life Staff Builds.

New World Best Life Staff Builds

Being a Life Staff holder, you’re considered as one of the most valuable aspects of a fight as you’ll constantly be busy keeping your teammates alive through the course of the fight against the enemies.

Where to Find the Life Staff Weapon

The Life Staff Weapon is probably the best option to go for as a healer since it shoots out magical attacks without costing any Mana, upon receiving its initial Mastery points.

The weapon is found either by searching chests or killing opponents. Alternatively, you can simply craft the weapon at the Forge which requires Life Motes that can be harvested from Lifebloom.

Once all the resources are ready to use, you can finally craft your own Life Staff weapon.

Best Life Staff Gems

In New World, there are many different kinds of Gems. Gems are basically free upgrades that give your character more benefits, and they’re highly crucial for your build. However, depending on whether you use the gem in your armor or weapon, each gem gives somewhat different advantages.

Most gems are irrelevant on a Life Staff since healing is slightly different. As a result, there are only two possible healing gem choices.

Amber Gem

The Amber gem is one of the most suitable New World gems for a Life Staff since it converts nature damage and scales with focus. It is beneficial to players that choose the Protection spec, particularly those who employ the Beacon talent.

Diamond Gem

Diamond Gem is another fantastic gem for a Life Staff build. When your HP is at 100%, you will receive additional healing from all sources.

Life Staff Hatchet Build

Below we’ve given the strengths and weaknesses of the Life Staff as your main weapon in this build:

Strengths and Weaknesses

Let’s start off with the Strengths and take a look at the plus points for being a Life Staff user in New World.


  • Provides strong self-healing and is capable of healing allies as well.
  • Provides with several options to remove Debuffs.
  • Upon receiving its initial Mastery points, provides with attacks without the use of Mana.

With great strengths comes great weaknesses, and you’ll have a few weaknesses up your sleeve as a healer. Below is a list of weaknesses you’ll possess as a Life Staff user:


  • Leads to unnecessary aggro in both PvP and PvE.
  • Deals lesser damage as compared to other weapons.
  • Consists of a single damaging ability.

Attribute Distribution

  • Strength: 5
  • Dexterity: 5
  • Focus: 150
  • Constitution: 50

Initially, you’ll be starting off with selecting the best attributes for your weapon. Many players invest all their points into Focus without even considering some useful slots that may increase the damage to their weapon.

Therefore, the best and the most recommended way to invest points is by starting with Focus for healing buffs, then making your way to Constitution for additional health.

Secondary Weapon

You can use the Life Staff paired with a secondary weapon (Augmented with an Amber Gem). The gem improves your off-hand’s damage really well.

You can choose to use either War Hammer, Great Axe, Sword & Shield, and Hatchet. Our recommendation would be to go with a Hatchet for this particular build. With a hatchet, you can not only do an insane amount of damage when enemies get up close and personal but the hatchet’s life-stealing ability also comes in handy combined with the healing buffs that Life Staff provides.

Life Staff Mastery Skills

The Life Staff skill tree is divided into two parts, Healing and Protector. Below is the best order to choose your skills in.

Probably the best way to start off the Skill Tree is by going with the Healing skills and picking the best passives, Absolved. Using Absolved, your Life Staff light and heavy attacks no longer require the cost of Mana.

Still focusing on the healing section, next up is the Sacred Ground as it’s arguably one of the best heals to max out in this list, healing 20% weapon damage per second by creating a ground area lasting for 15 seconds.

Now, you want to shift your focus to the Protector list and select Bend Light. Using Bend Light, you gain 20% more effective heals for 5 seconds upon dodging.

Sticking to the Protector section, move on to the next skills and those are Beacon and Light’s Embrace.

Using Beacon, you deal 146% weapon damage to opponents by shooting out light projectiles. Additionally, for 20% weapon damage every 10 seconds, heal any nearby teammate.

As for Light’s Embrace, it’s a targeted heal for 100% weapon damage +30% more for each buff on that target.

Hop on to the Healing section to pick Holy Ground as it regenerates Stamina and Mana 100% faster when in Sacred Ground. Additionally, you’ll be selecting Blessed as it provides your allies 50% more heal for all healing when in Sacred Ground.

While still being on the Healing section, make your way down on the list to select Intensify. This passive skill increases 10% healing after heavy attacks for the next 10 seconds.

Time to go back to the Protector section to increase the Beacon’s AoE along with its duration and you can do that by selecting your next skills from the list which are Infused Light and Radiance’s Blessing, respectively.

Next up is Revitalize from the Healing section as it reduces all cooldown by –5% upon hitting a light attack. Following it up by picking Blissful Touch as it heals the target for 10% weapon damage when passing through an ally.

Moving on to the next skills from the Healing section. You’ll be selecting Desperate Speed, Sacred Protection and Mending Touch to finally unlock the Divine Blessing skill; increases 30% healing of an ally below the health of 50%.

At this point, your Skill tree looks stacked and it’s up to you to choose which skills to use next. But before you do, we would recommend going for the Protector section to pick Protector’s Strength for additional healing, Inspire for additional stamina and lastly, Protector’s Touch for damage reduction upon light or heavy attacks.

Life Staff Ice Gauntlet Build

The secondary weapon used in this build with Life Staff will be the Ice Gauntlet. We’ve outlined the attribute distribution you need to run it and highlighted its strengths weaknesses.


  • Improved offensive skills.
  • High survival rate.
  • High sustainability rate.


  • Over-reliance on Mana management.

Attribute Distribution

  • Strength: 50
  • Dexterity: 150
  • Intelligence: 5
  • Focus: 5
  • Constitution: 5

Life Staff Skills

Divine Embrace: Heal target for 150% weapon damage. Cool down time is 6 seconds.

Sacred Ground:  An area is created on the ground that lasts for 12s and heals 10% weapon damage every second. Cooldown time is 20 seconds.

Splash Of Light: All group members are healed for 50% weapon damage. The cooldown time is 20 seconds.

Intensify: On successful Heavy Attacks, a Stacking buff is applied that increases healing by 10% for 10 seconds.

 Bend Light: After avoiding it increases healing by 20% for five seconds.

Protector’s Strength When you have a boost, it increases healing by 10%.

Spirits United: Increases the party’s mana regeneration by 3%.

Protector’s Touch: When a Light or Heavy Attack is landed, it grants a 15% Fortify for three seconds.

Balance: When hit at 50% or less health, grants a 10% haste for five seconds. It has a cooldown of 20 seconds.

Glowing Focus: Life Staff boosts last 20% longer while you have.

Ice Gauntlet Skill Tree

Ice Tempest and Builder are the two sections of the Ice Gauntlet skill tree. The skills you’ll be choosing from the Ice Gauntlet skill tree are shown below.

Ice Pylon: This skill generates a frost region with a radius of one meter in which frost powers are sanctioned. Ice Pylon is a weapon that shoots ice projectiles that cause 50% weapon damage to enemies within a 20-meter range for the following 15 seconds.

Ice Storm: It is a ranged strike that deals 16 percent weapon damage for 0.26 seconds. It also slows down opponents inside a 5-meter radius of frosty region.

Entombed: This skill allows you to encase yourself in ice to boost Mana regeneration. The tomb is active for 10 seconds, but opponents can simply demolish it before you reach that time limit.

Quick Frost: It is a passive skill that increases speed for 10 seconds in a frosted region.

Cold Reach: It is a passive skill that boosts the damage of light and heavy strikes by 15% for enemies beyond 15 meters.

Heavy Freeze: It is a passive skill that may be utilized to temporarily freeze an opponent with heavy hits when employed in Ice Storm or Frostbite.

Ultimate Freeze: Ice abilities chill targets for 3 seconds, boosting ice damage by 35%. To unlock this talent, you must first choose a number of passive skills from the tree.

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