NBA 2K24 Best 2-Way Inside-Out Scorer Build For SG

A 2-Way Inside-Out Scorer build in NBA 2K24 provides a good balance of offense and defense so your SG can become the MVP.

Shooting guards have a responsibility to bring in the hype in the NBA and that goes doubly so in NBA 2K24. This NBA 2K24 2-Way Inside-Out Scorer build is a lethal mix of strong offense mixed with effective defense and maneuverability, akin to a coiled viper in offense and defense. Whether it’s the enemy paint or your own, whether it’s the 3-point line, doesn’t matter. The whole court is your stage.

For a 2-way Inside-out Scorer Shooting Guard build in NBA 2K24, it is important to be great at scoring in the paint and beyond the 3-point line, while also being great at taking the ball back when on defense.

Body settings and attributes for NBA 2K24 2-way inside-out scorer build

For a Shooting Guard player who can consistently score both in the paint and beyond the three-point line in NBA 2K24, the following are the recommended stats we have settled on:

Weight214 lbs
Close Shot46
Driving Layup65
Driving Dunk85
Standing Dunk33
Post Control
Mid-Range Shot75
Three-Point Shot89
Free Throw68
Pass Accuracy75
Ball Handle85
Speed with Ball79
Interior Defense45
Perimeter Defense93
Offensive Rebound
Defensive Rebound49

How to set up a 2-way Inside-Out Scorer build in NBA 2K24

Shooting Guards are an essential asset that brings a great deal of utility to any team in NBA 2K24. They play an important role in bolstering team offense, keeping opponents on guard both in the paint and beyond the three-point line.

In this Shooting Guard Inside-Out Scorer build, we are mainly going for a build that juggles sufficient sturdiness, speed, and offensive capabilities to not only make good shots and dunks but also be able to maneuver around enemy defense and contest offensive ball handlers when on the defensive backfoot.

We are going to put 75 points in Mid-Range Shot, 89 points in Three-point Shot, and 68 points in Free Throw. This allocation helps unlock some very decent badges to improve utility while also keeping your movement flexible and free form across the court.


As we are playing Shooting Guard, our core task is to score when the ball is in our possession and to steal the ball back while on defense. To that end, we have 75 points in Pass Accuracy, 85 points in Ball Handle, and 79 points in Speed with Ball. This stat distribution unlocks some helpful skills such as Blow-By for improved juke capabilities against enemy defenders.

As a Shooting guard player in NBA 2K24, stealing the ball back during defense is a critical role. The stat distribution is good to acquire Gold Clamps Ankle Braces and Challenger, all skills that increase your utility beyond pure offense and help to round out your sturdiness to avoid getting crossed over and get the ball back in your control. For this, we have set Perimeter Defense at 93 and Steal at 85.

For the physical section, 81 points go into Speed, 77 points into Acceleration and 99 points into Stamina. This improves our dribble speeds and quality, allowing us to break through enemy defense when in the paint and take a point for the team.

Best Badges for NBA 2K24 2-way inside-out scorer build

Badges play an important role as they bring out specific aspects of your build. The badges we selected here were crucial to creating a specialized 2-way inside-out scorer build in NBA 2K24 for the Shooting Guard position. The points you invest in different attributes will determine the skill you unlock as well as the level, with Hall of Fame variants being the highest level.

S-Tier badges

  • Clamps (Gold): A defensive badge that increases defenders success rate when bumping or hip-riding the ball handler.
  • Handles For Days (Silver): Reduces energy depletion for players while performing dribble moves.
  • Posterizer (Bronze): Increases the odds of throwing down a dunk on your defender.
  • Slithery (Silver): Boosts a player’s ability to slide through traffic, protect the ball from being stolen, and evade contact when performing gathers and finishes at the rim.
  • Blow-By (Silver): Enhances an offensive player’s ability to get past defenders with easy blow-bys on the perimeter.
  • Speed Booster (Silver): Boost the speed of a player during an exploding or a burst while attacking from the perimeter.
  • Killer Combos (Bronze): Enhances a player’s ability to chain efficient dribble maneuvers while sizing up an opponent.
  • Unpluckable (Silver): It becomes more challenging for defenders to poke the ball when attempting to steal it.
  • Blinders (Silver): Decrease the penalty for having a defender closing out in their peripheral vision while attempting a Jump Shot.
  • Catch & Shoot (Gold): Boost a player’s ability to successfully hit jump shots after receiving a pass.
  • Limitless Range (Bronze): Your effective three-point range from the deep will be increased with this perk.
  • Deadeye (Silver): Jump shots taken with a defender closing out receive less of a penalty from a shot contest.
  • Glove (Silver): Boosts the ability to successfully steal from ball-handlers or strip layup attempts.
  • Interceptor (Silver): Increases the chances of tipping or intercepting.

A-tier badges

  • Bulldozer (Silver): Improves strength while ball handling to overpower defenders.
  • Precision Dunker (Silver): Boosts a player’s ability to make skill dunks.
  • Physical Handles (Hall of Fame): Reduces the likelihood of encountering defensive pressure on the perimeter while dribbling.
  • Right Stick Ripper (Silver): Increases the odds of poaching the ball from the dribbler or intercepting passes while using the right analog stick.
  • 94 Feet (Hall of Fame): Allows defenders to apply pressure and disrupt ball handlers in the backcourt.
  • Work Horse (Gold): Boosts a player’s speed and ability to get loose balls over the opponent.
  • Hyperdrive (Silver): Enhances a player’s speed to perform moving dribbling maneuvers while attacking down the court.
  • Ankle Breaker (Gold): When executing certain dribbling moves, defenders are more likely to stumble or freeze.
  • Agent 3 (Silver): Improves a player’s ability during pull-up shots from the three-point range.
  • Dimer (Silver): When in the half-court, passes by Dimers to open shooters yield a shot percentage boost.
  • Pick Dodger (Gold): Boosts a player’s ability to maneuver through and around screens while on defense.
  • Fast Feet (Gold): Speeds up launches and cuts defensively to ensure you stay ahead of the ball handler.
  • Challenger (Gold): Improves the effectiveness of well-timed contests against perimeter shooters.
  • Ankle Braces (Gold): Reduces the risk of an ankle injury while defending against dribble moves from opponents.
  • Green Machine (Gold): Increases your Green window after consecutive excellent releases.
  • Space Creator (Gold): Being a shooting badge, the Space Creator improves ability to hit shots and cross up an opponent after creating space from the defender.
  • Spot Finder (Silver): Improves ability to get open off the ball.

B- Tier badges

  • Aerial Wizard (Gold): Improves ability to finish lobs and putbacks at the rim.
  • Bunny (Gold): Improves ability to make hop step layups or dunks.
  • Immovable Enforcer (Silver): Improves strength while on defense when defending ball handlers and finishers.
  • Brick Wall (Silver): Improves the effectiveness of screens and drains energy from opponents on physical contact.
  • Triple Strike (Gold): Improves ability to break down, juke, and explode out of the triple threat.
  • Relay Passer (Bronze): Provides a boost to shooters taking a shot after a pass to assist.
  • Touch Passer (Bronze): Speeds up how quickly players pass the ball after just receiving it.
  • Special Delivery (Silver): The playmaking Special Delivery badge increases alley-oop throw success and shot chance for receivers after a flashy pass.
  • Middy Magician (Silver): Boosts the effectiveness of pull-ups and spin shots from the mid-range area.
  • Open Looks (Gold): Improved ability to make wide-open jump shots.
  • Guard Up (Gold): Improved chance to make jump shots when the defender fails to properly contest.
  • Comeback Kid (Hall of Fame): Improved ability to make shots while trailing.
  • Claymore (Gold): Increased chance to knock down perimeter shots.

C-Tier badges

  • Slippery Off Ball (Silver): Improves ability to get open off an enemy screen.
  • Break Starter (Silver): Improved ability to make effective outlet passes after grabbing a rebound.
  • Off-Ball Pest (Hall of Fame): Improves ability to bump and harass the offense off the ball.
  • Spin Cycle (Hall of Fame): Improves ability to make spin layups or dunks.
  • Two Step (Hall of Fame): Improves ability to make eurostep and cradle layups or dunks.

Best animations for SG build

For our Shooting Guard Inside Out Scorer in NBA 2K24, we recommend going for the following animations, taking inspiration from Stephen Curry and Kyrie Irving, two resounding greats in the field.

  • Base: Stephen Curry
  • Upper Release 1: Kyrie Irving
  • Upper Release 2: Kyrie Irving
  • Release Speed: 100%
  • Animation Blending: 50%/50%

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