NBA 2K24 Best 2-Way Skilled Stretch Build For PF

2-Way Skilled Stretch builds in NBA 2K24 are geared towards defense, collecting rebounds and scoring 3-pointers from the paint. In this guide, we will be creating the best skilled stretch build in the game.

Power Forwards serve the most important role in the game and with this build, we are going to make up a player ready for both the defense and offense in NBA 2K24. Generally, they have a mediocre height along with a medium wingspan which helps them dribble in the court center to move up and bounce back to handle both the offensive and defending scenarios. Keeping everything in mind, we came up with the best 2-Way Skilled Stretch build for you guys in NBA 2K24 for the Power Forward position.

Body settings and attributes for NBA 2K24 2-Way Skilled Stretch build

Well, for the best Power Forward build, you can follow up on all the attributes discussed in the table. Considering the player’s role, and physical body attributes we have invested more in playmaking and defense. The build primarily focuses on the role of Power Forward which is to defend and rebound.

Weight217 lbs
Close Shot44
Driving Layup63
Driving Dunk75
Standing Dunk45
Post Control
Mid-Range Shot70
Three-Point Shot85
Free Throw60
Pass Accuracy77
Ball Handle81
Speed with Ball75
Interior Defense82
Perimeter Defense87
Offensive Rebound76
Defensive Rebound83

How to setup 2-Way Skilled Stretch build for Power Forward

The 2-Way Skilled Stretch build in NBA 2K24 provides the maximum freedom to the Power Forward for its roles. From taking up the ball from the opponents, especially on a rebound to delivering it at the right moment to the right finisher, Power Forwards are the backbone of the game. With this aim in mind, we invested the attributes list accordingly.

This build involves more attributes associated with the playmaking skills allowing the player to dribble and carry the ball near the paint. Along with the defending rebound, PF must carry the ball with proper dribbling skills, and moving back and forth again and again in the court requires some additional stamina as well.

Additionally, defending the perimeter is also a critical job given to the PFs. This build focuses on the defensive skills along with the offense. Taking on the right combination of badges with these attributes makes a perfect combo player crucial for any kind of play.

Best badges for NBA 2K24 2-Way Skilled Stretch build

Badges play an important role in building up any player in the game. We have prepared a list of all the important badges for the 2-Way Skilled Stretch Build in NBA 2K24. Following up on these badges will help you make a versatile character with a very strong Power Forward base role. The badges are ranked under different categories, but you just try to reach the highest (HoF) one for your build.


  • Fearless Finisher: This badge helps you tackle energy losses upon getting in contact with the opponents.
  • Posterizer: This badge helps in improving the dunk shot especially against the defenders.
  • Slithery: This badge provides a narrow escape route to the player carrying the ball successfully from your side near the rim.
  • Deadeye: This badge helps you tackle a closing-out defender


  • Precision Dunker: As evident by the badge name, it helps in improving the dunk shots.
  • Green Machine: This badge helps you get a bonus for some continuous releases.
  • Needle Threader: This badge provides a boot for the player to pass through the narrow passages.
  • Spot Finder: This badge allows you to receive a speed boost to reach an open spot free of players.


  • Fast Twitch: This badge allows the player to score quickly halting the defense reflexes.
  • Aerial Wizard: With this badge, your put-back finishes are improved on a rebound.
  • Bunny: This badge significantly improves your Hop step and Dunks as well.
  • Masher: This provides an upper hand on the defenders especially the ones having a short height.


  • Hook Specialist: With this badge in your build, your hooks from the post are improved significantly.
  • Post Fade Phenom: This badge helps you improve the hop shots along with post fades as well.
  • Whistle: This badge helps you draw some fouls especially when attempting to score some points.
  • Spin Cycle: This badge allows you to improve your dunks along with the spin layups as well.
  • Two Step: With this badge in your build, you can improve your dunks and euro step.
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