NBA 2K24 Dribbling Requirements Guide

Dribbling animations in NBA 2K24 range from normal to pro with each having their unique set of requirements. In this guide, we will help you unlock your favorite player's dribbling animation with ease to destroy your opponents on court.

One factor that determines a basketball veteran is their dribbling style in MyCareer. In NBA 2K24, some new dribbling animation styles have appeared. Players interested in trying those dribble maneuvers need to keep some really restrictive dribbling requirements in mind in NBA 2K24.

While players can do the exact dribbling animation of their favorite players, the best dribbling styles are unlocked in Pro Styles and you have to meet a requirement of player attributes. In this guide, we will be discussing the NBA 2K24 dribbling requirements for different animations.

NBA 2K24 Dribbling animation requirements

As usual, 3 dribbling styles which are basic, normal, and pro will be available to players in NBA 2K24.

Let’s take a look at all the attribute requirements:

Basic dribbling

Basic dribbling has no requirement in the game. You can do basic dribbling maneuvers at any speed with the ball and player’s height.

Normal dribbling

You can do normal-style dribbling with any player’s height in NBA 2K24. However, your speed with the ball must be a minimum of 40+ while the recommended is 60.


Pro dribbling requirements in NBA 2K24

When it comes to pro dribbling in any NBA title, your speed with the ball matters a lot. As pro dribbling styles have unique veteran player animations, in most cases, you have to meet the minimum height requirement.

For a pro dribbling style, your height must be under 6’5” and your Speed with ball must be at a minimum of 40+.

Here is a list of all pro dribbling styles with required attributes:

Dribbling AnimationSpeed With BallRequired height
Kobe Bryant88+<6’10”
Stephen Curry92+<6’5”
Kevin Durant75+
James Harden75+<6’10”
Kyrie Irving90+<6’5”
Magic Johnson75+<6’10”
Zach Lavine75+<6’10”
Damian Lillard90+<6’5”
Ja Morant85+<6’10”
Steve Nash83+<6’5”
John Stockton75+<6’5”
Trae Young92+<6’5”
Seimone Augustus40+<6’10”
Chelsea Gray40+<6’10”
Arike Ogunbowale40+<6’10”
Gabby Williams40+<6’10”

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