NBA 2K23 Meta Builds 5v5/2v2 (Next-Gen/Current-Gen)

This guide aims to provide you with meta builds to use in 5v5, 3v3 and 2v2 in NBA 2K23. Read on to learn more.

Every time the dust settles after a new game’s release, people start looking for the most efficient tactics to improve their gameplay. Things like meta weapons, characters, or builds come in here. The same is true regarding NBA 2K23 and the search for the best meta builds to customize your characters.

These meta-builds are well known to be highly useful in elevating gameplay to new heights. Below we have provided several different meta builds for various types of NBA 2K23 matches for current-gen and next-gen consoles.

Meta 5v5 center build (next-gen/current-gen)

You must know the proper lineups and techniques to have the best game where you can dominate. You will have more chances to win if you follow this build in current-gen and next-gen consoles.

Combining the defensive skill of post fade and the height of Meta’s 5v5 center build, you can build the best post fade in NBA 2k23.

For this build, we’ll choose a relatively taller center that can easily dominate inside the paint. We’ll also choose high stats in paint defense and offense, like interior defense and defensive and offensive rebounds. With this build, you’ll have the best post-hook in NBA 2K23.

Body Attributes

  • Height: 7’2
  • Weight: 223lbs
  • Wingspan: 80″


  • Close Shot= 99
  • Driving Layup= 78
  • Driving Dunk= 77
  • Standing Dunk= 99
  • Post Hook= 99


  • Mid-Range Shot= 79
  • Three Pointer Shot= 73
  • Free Throw= 90


  • Pass Accuracy= 92
  • Ball Handle= 49
  • Post Moves= 49


  • Interior Defense= 94
  • Perimeter Defense= 61
  • Steal= 67
  • Block= 99
  • Offensive Rebound= 93
  • Defensive Rebound= 93


  • Speed= 25
  • Acceleration= 66
  • Strength= 61
  • Vertical= 78
  • Stamina= 99

Meta 3v3 build (next-gen/current-gen)

This build mostly requires better shooting and playmaking. We’ll focus a bit more on shooting, so we’ll have high stats in mid-range shots, 3-pointers, and free throws.

Speed plays the most vital part here and the physic which gives the best speed should be good for you. This will give you the liberty to be a good ball handler, which matters the most for this particular build.

Body Settings

  • Height: 6’1″
  • Weight: 165lbs
  • Wingspan: 73″


  • Close Shot= 55
  • Driving Layup= 52
  • Driving Dunk= 61
  • Standing Dunk= 25
  • Post Hook= 30


  • Mid-Range Shot= 94
  • Three Pointer= 91
  • Free Throw= 90
  • Post Fade= 80


  • Pass Accuracy= 88
  • Ball Handle= 91
  • Post Moves= 55


  • Interior Defense= 32
  • Perimeter Defense= 74
  • Lateral Quickness= 74
  • Steal= 78
  • Block= 45
  • Offensive Rebound= 31
  • Defensive Rebound= 61

Meta 2v2 build (next-gen/current-gen)

The main build for this type is not to have a decent height but a bit of ferocity at defense and finishing like close shots. The main purpose is to have a good defender rather than a more advanced role.

Combining all your dunk-build defense skills with meta builds, you can set up the best dunk build in NBA 2K23.

As a point guard, you will still lose if you don’t have a block rating, as mentioned below. The best way is to have more post scores and dunk those three-pointers as much as possible. Though the acceleration is lacking a bit it can still be beneficial if you have good long-shot ratings.

Body Attributes

  • Height: 6’4
  • Weight: 175lbs
  • Wingspan: 85″


  • Close Shot= 86
  • Driving Layup= 84
  • Driving Dunk= 80
  • Standing Dunk = 26
  • Post Hook= 30


  • Mid Range Shot= 71
  • Three Pointer Shot= 64
  • Free Throw= 82
  • Post Fade= 58


  • Pass Accuracy= 86
  • Ball Handle= 85
  • Post Moves= 40


  • Interior Defense= 37
  • Perimeter Defense= 87
  • Lateral Quickness= 87
  • Steal= 94
  • Block= 38
  • Offensive Rebound= 42
  • Defensive Rebound= 77

Meta 5v5 all-around build (next-gen/current-gen)

This build focuses on being an all-around baller on the court with stats complementing multiple playstyles. Follow these stats to get one of the most versatile player builds in NBA 2K23 for both next-gen and current-gen.

Body Attributes

Height: 6’1
Weight: 182lbs
Wingspan: 6’3″
Body Shape: Solid


Close Shot= 82
Driving Layup= 90
Driving Dunk= 25
Standing Dunk = 25
Post Control= 25


Mid Range Shot= 80
Three Pointer Shot= 90
Free Throw= 81


Pass Accuracy= 90
Ball Handle= 92
Speed with Ball= 90


Interior Defense= 31
Perimeter Defense= 90
Steal= 85
Block= 25
Offensive Rebound= 25
Defensive Rebound= 46


Speed: 80
Acceleration: 82
Strength: 40
Vertical: 50
Stamina: 91

Meta lockdown build (next-gen/current-gen)

The Meta Lockdown build focuses on locking out the opponent from your box. The build will have high physicals and defense stats while also keeping shooting and playmaking stats decent.

Body Attributes

Height: 6’6
Weight: 180lbs
Wingspan: 7’3″
Body Shape: Built


Close Shot= 45
Driving Layup= 65
Driving Dunk= 84
Standing Dunk = 30
Post Control= 25


Mid Range Shot= 74
Three Pointer Shot= 85
Free Throw= 60


Pass Accuracy= 70
Ball Handle= 36
Speed with Ball= 41


Interior Defense= 75
Perimeter Defense= 97
Steal= 99
Block= 78
Offensive Rebound= 83
Defensive Rebound= 90


Speed: 91
Acceleration: 89
Strength: 60
Vertical: 70
Stamina: 95

Best badges for Meta builds in NBA 2K23

Finishing Badges

Tier 1
Giant Slayer

Tier 2
Fearless Finisher
Limitless Takeoff

Tier 3
Rise Up

Shooting Badges

Tier 1
Volume Shooter

Tier 2
Corner Specialist
Green Machine

Tier 3
Catch & Shoot
Limitless Range

Playmaking Badges

Tier 1
Clamp Breaker
Floor General
Mismatch Expert

Tier 2
Bail Out
Break Starter

Defense/Rebounding Badges

Tier 1
Work Horse

Tier 2
Chase Down Artist

Tier 3
Brick Wall
Rebound Chaser

Best animations for Meta builds in NBA 2K23

Jumpshot Animation #1

Height –6’4 and below
Base – Dwayne Wade
Upper Release 1 – Jason Kidd
Upper Release 2 – Stephen Curry
Release Speed – 100%
Animation Blending – 75% for Jason Kidd and 25% for Steph Curry.

Jumpshot Animation #2

Height –6’9 and below
Base – Scottie Pippen
Upper Release 1 – Klay Thompson
Upper Release 2 – Jayson Tatum
Release Speed – 100%
Animation Blending – 75% for Klay and 25% for Tatum.

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