NBA 2K23 Jack-Of-All-Trades Build

This guide will go over the best NBA 2K23 Jack-Of-All-Trades Build to get you setup with a player that can perform well everywhere.

If you want to completely dominate your opponents in NBA 2K23, you’ll need a solid Jack-Of-All-Trades who can help you set the course of the game on any given day. This guide will go over the best NBA 2K23 Jack-Of-All-Trades Build.

NBA 2K23 Jack-Of-All-Trades build

Wondering what exactly a Jack-Of-All-Trades does? Well, he’s a small forward with a well-rounded set of skills who does a little bit of everything on the basketball court, such as handling the ball, rebounding, shooting from the outside and inside, and playing defense on the perimeter and inside.

To enhance your shooting and playmaking skills, you can also build the best dunk build to be a jack of all trades.

The Best Jack-Of-All-Trades Build in NBA 2K23 is shown below, and it will help you become an absolute dictator on the basketball court.

Height 6’6″
Weight 188 lbs
Wingspan 7’3″
Close Shot 80
Driving Layup 80
Driving Dunk 85
Standing Dunk 80
Post Control
Mid-Range Shot 80
Three-Point Shot 80
Free Throw 61
Pass Accuracy 80
Ball Handle 80
Speed with Ball 85
Interior defense 76
Perimeter Defense 80
Steal 80
Block 80
Offensive Rebound 80
Defensive Rebound 80
Speed 80
Acceleration 80
Strength 63
Vertical 65
Stamina 95


Takeovers are the primary and secondary abilities you gain as the game unfolds. You can choose any sort of takeover for this build, but the following two should be preferred.

  • Limitless Range: Extend your shooting ability well beyond the three-point line.
  • Advance Gathers: Unlocks more effective euro, spin, hop, cradle gathers, and avoid jam-ups.

If you don’t know what to do with the takeovers, then take a look at our guide explaining how to activate takeovers in NBA 2K23.

How to set up the Jack-Of-All-Trades build

In NBA 2k23, the Jack-Of-All-Trades is all about being a beast on the court so you’ll want well-rounded stats in all sections to have the upper hand and absolute control in the battle.

Here are the recommended stats an ideal Jack-Of-All-Trades should have in NBA 2k23.

For the Shooting settings, it is recommended to have the following Mid-Range Shot (80), Three-Point Shot (80), and Free Throw (61). These will help you make an exceptional and unstoppable shooter. You may even end up ranking as the best free throw player in NBA 2K23.

The Play Making settings should be set to the following Pass Accuracy (80), Ball Handle (80), and Speed with Ball (85). These will improve your control of the game exactly what you want from a Jack-Of-All-Trades.

For the Defense/ Rebounding settings, you’ll want the Interior defense (76), Perimeter Defense (80), Steal (80), Block (80), Defensive Rebound (80), and Offensive Rebound (80).

For physical settings, you’ll want to max out the Stamina to 95 since a Jack-Of-All-Trades needs a lot of it. For the rest of the stats, you should stick to the following Speed (80), Strength(63), Acceleration (80), and Vertical (65).

These choices make all Takeovers in the game available to you. You can tweak the stats to your liking and synchronize them with your gameplay. However, if you stick to the stats listed above, you’ll have a beast of a Jack-Of-All-Trades.

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