NBA 2K23 Best Dribble Moves

Dribbling is one of the most common movements on the court. It helps you take possession of the ball when being in different positions ranging from a Shooting Guard to even a Center.

Thankfully, NBA 2K23 offers a variety of Dribble Styles for you to choose from. These Styles have certain requirements which you must reach to unlock them and the following guide will go through the best Dribble Moves for each position in NBA 2K23.

Best dribble moves for Point Forward (PF)

Point Forward plays two roles on the court in NBA 2K23. Being a PF, you must play in a forward position while still managing to bring the ball up the court.

With their physicality, Point Forwards are able to dribble and quickly pass the ball, giving assistance to their team throughout the course of the game.

Moving Crossovers


  • Ball Handle 70+

To unlock this dribbling style, you must have a high ball handle. Kyrie Irving is perhaps the player with the best moving crossovers in the game on both current- and next-gen platforms. He possesses high ball handling along with a perfect 6’2 height which helps him dribble the ball faster than most players on the court.

Best dribble moves for Small Forward (SF)

For an all-play on the court, the best position out of all is the Small Forward. Although shorter than a Power Forward, you’ll have a tough time managing this position since it covers all aspects of the game such as ball handling, playmaking, and shooting, making it a true all-rounder position.

Size Up Escape Package


  • Ball Handle 70+

To unlock the Size Up Escape Package Dribble in NBA 2K23, you must possess above-average ball handling. Typically, the most suitable Ball handling for a Small Forward should reach a 90. Therefore, playing an Elite Small Forward such as the Akron Hammer LeBron James himself will do the job for you.

Best dribble moves for Point Guard (PG)

Point Guards are considered the best dribblers and passers any team has to offer. Their main task is to guard the opposing team’s point guard and try to take the ball into their own hands. This makes a PG one of the most important positions on the court.

Moving Behind the Back


  • Ball Handle 90+
  • Height below 6’10.

Straight away you’ll have to be under the height of 6’10, minimally down to a 6’6 which is considered a perfect fit for a Point Guard in NBA 2K23.

The Moving Behind the Back is one of the fastest dribbles and who better to execute this move than the Six-Time NBA All-Star, Damian Lillard.

Best dribble moves for Shooting Guard (SG)

Arguably one of the hardest positions to master on the court is the Shooting Guard. The main goal of an SG in NBA 2K23 is to steal the ball from the opposing team on defense and earn their team some valuable points for a clean win.

Moving Hesitation


  • Ball Handle 80+
  • Height below 6’10.

Since Shooting Guards have a decent number of objectives in their chart to complete, it’s pretty difficult to select a player who can perform the Moving Hesitation Dribble in an SG position.

However, there’s one player who is capable of doing such a dribble and he is none other than the 10× NBA All-Star James Harden.

Best dribble moves for Center

As the team’s tallest player, Centers have a lot to offer on the basketball court. Their skills skyrocket when it comes to playing near the basket in the low post.

Centers are highly appreciated for defending their side of the basket while scoring and rebounding as well. A good center will also allow you to do some of the best dribble pull-ups in NBA 2K23.

Moving Spin


  • Ball Handle 80+
  • Height above 6’10.

Out of all the names to choose as a Center to perform a quick Moving Spin Dribble, we recommend going for the basic one. Regardless of what the elite players have to offer, by the far the easiest Moving Spin to perform on the court is the Basix Spin.

Best playmaking shot creator dribble moves

A playmaking shot creator is to play the offensive role in the game. Their job is to look for opportunities that’ll get you more points. The best playmaking shot creator dribble moves are as follows.

Moving Crossovers: LaMelo Ball
Moving Behind the back: Allen Iverson
Moving Spin: Basic
Moving Hesitations: Luka Doncic
Size-Up Escape Packages: Kyrie Irving
Signature Size-up: Steve Francis
Moving Stepback: Chris Paul
Dribble Style: Steve Nash
Triple Threat Styles: Devin Booker

Best Slasher dribble moves

A slasher’s job is to push and attack. Their job is to pressurize the opponent with their constant attempts to score points because this helps creates a lot of opportunities for the team to score.

Moving Crossovers: Kevin Durant
Moving Behind the back: Pro
Moving Spin: Basic
Moving Hesitations: Kevin Durant
Size-Up Escape Packages: Luka Doncic
Signature Size-up: De’Aaron Fox
Moving Stepback: Luka Doncic
Dribble Style: Zach LaVine
Triple Threat Styles: Pro

Best Scoring machines dribble moves

As the name implies scoring machines are those whose sole purpose is to score points. They can score points in many different ways, but their main is to score and find a hole in the opponent’s defense.

Moving Crossovers: Lonzo Ball
Moving Behind the back: James Harden
Moving Spin: Basic
Moving Hesitations: Kevin Durant
Size-Up Escape Packages: John Wall
Signature Size-up: Tracy McGrady
Moving Stepback: Jayson Tatum
Dribble Style: Lebron James
Triple Threat Styles: Zion Williamson

Best dribble moves for sharpshooter

A sharpshooter’s job is to score points for the team from a distance. They are supposed to shoot from the deep and get as many points in as they can.

Moving Crossovers: LeBron James
Moving Behind the back: Zach LaVine
Moving Spin: Basic
Moving Hesitations: Pro
Size-Up Escape Packages: Luka Doncic
Signature Size-up: Devin Booker
Moving Stepback: Vince Carter
Dribble Style: Seimone Augustus
Triple Threat Styles: Kobe Bryant

Dribble moves under 80

You need to have reached a certain requirement before you are able to use most of the moves and animations. Those who have a ball handle of less than 80 should use the following dribble moves.

Moving Crossovers: Normal
Moving Behind the back: Normal
Moving Spin: Basic
Moving Hesitations: Normal
Size-Up Escape Packages: Luka Doncic
Signature Size-up: Jalen Suggs
Moving Stepback: LeBron James
Dribble Style: Chris Paul
Triple Threat Styles: Normal

Which dribble style to choose in NBA 2K23

Below we’ve arranged a list of all the top-tier Dribble Styles to choose from in NBA 2K23. While some of them might be familiar as they’re already included on the Best Dribble list while others can be chosen as an alternate.

  • Michael Jordan
  • Steph Curry
  • Kyrie Irving
  • LeBron James
  • Damian Lillard
  • Trae Young
  • Kobe Bryant

Which signature size-up to use in NBA 2K23

When coming out of the standing stance, the Signature Size Up features provides a boost to the speed which helps in overtaking the defender on the court. Following are the best Signature Size-Ups in NBA 2K23.

  • Kyle Lowry
  • Trae Young
  • Steve Francis
  • Kobe Bryant

Which signature size-up escape to use in NBA 2K23

The Signature Size Up Escape is a feature that allows for a quick transition from the Signature Size Up and gives an easy combo dribble for your MyPlayer. Following are the best Signature Size-Up Escapes in NBA 2K23.

  • John Wall
  • Luka Doncic
  • Kyrie Irving
  • Damian Lillard
  • Paul George

How to equip Dribble Moves and Animations

It is very simple to access dribble moves and animations. Just go to the MyPlayer section and select animations. From animations just navigate the animations store, from there you can select the dribble moves that you want to purchase.

Once you are done with your purchase just go back to the gameplay animations section and equip your player with the dribble moves and animations you purchased.

List of famous dribble moves in the game

There are a lot of dribble moves and builds in the game, the following is the list of the famous dribble moves in NBA 2K23.

Moving Crossovers: Donovan Mitchell, Normal
Moving Behind the back: Stephen Curry, Zach LaVine
Moving Spin: Penny Hardaway, Basic
Moving Hesitations: Normal, Zach LaVine
Size-Up Escape Packages: Damian Lilliard, Trae Young, Kyrie Irving
Signature Size-up: Steve Francis, De’Aaron Fox
Dribble Style: LeBron James, Pro, Steve Nash, Micheal Jordan
Triple Threat Styles: Kobe Bryant

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