How To Win Triple Threat Games In NBA 2K23

Triple Threat is a mode in NBA 2K23 that pits two teams of three in a heated 3v3 match. Your...

Triple Threat is a mode in NBA 2K23 that pits two teams of three in a heated 3v3 match. Your opponents are chosen based on the capabilities and skills of your team, making Triple Threat a fairly challenging mode to play.

The challenge, however, does not come without rewards. The Vault contains a whole lineup of rewards for you to obtain by winning Triple Threat matches. Do note that the rewards are tied to the season, so they will refresh when the next season begins. You, hence, only have this season to unlock its Triple Threat rewards.

In this guide, we will explain how to win Triple Threat games in NBA 2K23.

How to dominate Triple Threat in NBA 2K23

Your team composition matters a lot. Simply picking the best players with the best stats will hardly improve your winning chances. You should rather pick players who are best suited to or compensate for your play style.

If you are an aggressive player, consider boosting that aggression with the right picks while having one player fill the defensive void. If you love jump shots, pick players who can give you open spaces and time to easily land your shots.

Another thing you should keep note of while picking players for your Triple Threat team is that one of the players should have really good shooting and finishing stats. This player will help you score most of the goals for your team.

The best player for each position will help you dominate each of the opponent moves as well as win Triple Threat.

You can use Quick Isolation to score goals more easily in Triple Threat games or use both off-ball and on-ball defense. The different types of defense will ensure you concede as less goals as possible.

Another tip that will help you win Triple Threat games is to keep it simple and respect your opponent as well. Play simple passes and don’t try to be too flashy and waste chances. Also, study your opponents to find their weaknesses and then use them against them!

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