NBA 2K23 Dunking Guide: Contact Dunks & Requirements

It would not be NBA if you are not able to dunk over your opponents in a live match. NBA 2K23 naturally brings that feature back with new vigor alongside Contact Dunk, one of the older gameplay mechanics from the last installment.

The following guide will relay some dunking tips while pointing out the Contact Dunk requirements you must fulfill in NBA 2K23.

How to dunk like a pro in NBA 2K23

Dunking relies on both you, the player with the basketball and your opponent, the one who you are dunking on. It is vital that you know the dunk rating of all your players and the defensive abilities of your opponents.

Even with all of that information, dunking is still something that you need to get used to. They are not that easy to do in an actual match. You should hence spend some time practicing dunks to actually nail them in a high-stake situation.

Contact dunks in NBA 2K23

Below we have listed all the Contact Dunks available to assign your player in NBA 2K23 along with the different stat requirements needed in order to be able to assign them.

The Elite Contact and Elite Bigman Standing Contact dunks in particular are the best options you can go for.

  • Pro Contact Dunks: Should have 84+ Driving Dunk, 70+ Vertical
  • Pro Alley-Oop: Should have 70+ Driving Dunk, 60+ Vertical
  • Elite Contact Dunks: Should have 92+ Driving Dunk, 80+ Vertical
  • Elite Alley-Oop: Should have 85+ Driving Dunk, 60+ Vertical
  • Small Contact Dunks: Should have 86+ Driving Dunk, 85+ Vertical, Height under 6’5″
  • Pro Bigman Contact Dunks: Should have 80+ Standing Dunk, 65+ Vertical, height 6’10” or above.
  • Elite Bigman Standing Contact Dunks: 90+ Standing Dunk, 75+ Vertical, height 6’10” or above.

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