Best Budget Cards For Your NBA 2K23 Lineup

When starting the new NBA 2K23 season, you will have to choose the best starting cards possible. However, later on,...

When starting the new NBA 2K23 season, you will have to choose the best starting cards possible. However, later on, you will also be pressed to factor in your budget for additional cards.

Your MyCareer journey is not going to be easy. You will need to grind your way to being able to afford all of the best cards in the game. That does not mean you will be left pressed for talent.

There are several budget cards for you to consider for your lineup. The following guide will help you in that regard, particularly if you are looking to save money.

Get these NBA 2K23 starter cards if you are on a budget

You will realize early on that winning against good teams requires you to keep your roster updated. That obviously required money unless you are playing on the easy mode.

Here is a list of budget cards for your consideration according to their positions.

Point Guard

Chauncy Billups
If you chose Ja Morant as your starter card and are planning to take it all the way up to the ruby, you don’t need any replacement then as he’s the best starter card that you can get for the point guard position.

Otherwise, Chauncy Billups is one that should be under consideration if you wish to have the best at a low price. The overall rating of Chauncy Billups is 85 which is decent and he’s a good option that will be providing you with different opportunities in the future and all that comes for 1300 only.

  • Driving Lay Up – 92
  • Free Throw – 87
  • Close Shot – 87
  • Ball Handle – 88
  • Pass Accuracy – 89
  • Pass IQ – 89

Shooting Guard

Robert Reid
For a shooting guard position, Robert Reid is an absolutely cheap option for which the price he comes with. He can be bought for 1000 only and has an overall rating of 83 with a lot of potential to gear up your roster.

Robert has 7 bronze and 1 silver badge with a very good close shot. He also has an absolutely blasting three-pointer.

Reid may not be a distinction when it comes to the statice but he’s a blaster for the control that he offers while in the game. He can pass the ball with his very smooth release. Most important of all he’s, 6’8 which is a good number for a shooting guard range.

  • Close Shot – 84
  • Three-Pointer – 77
  • Hustle – 98
  • Stamina 90

Small Forward

Kelly Tripucka
Small forward can be filled pretty decently by Kelly Tripucka with an overall rating of 85 and a price of just 700. He has a total of fifteen bronze medals and a key feature of three-point.

He also has hot zones around his specialty, the three-point line, and has better fouling techniques.

This player is a complete Small Forward package. He has very good stats in drawing fouls, and then a good free throw shot to follow it up with. As for outside the paint, he still has a three-pointer option, since his stats are pretty good in that respect as well.

  • Draw Foul – 88
  • Free Throw – 87
  • Three-Pointers – 82
  • Steal – 79
  • Speed – 79

Power Forward

P.J. Tucker
Power Forward is the key to success and thus this makes this position really hard to be filled. P.J Tucker may not be a very good fit here as there are no budget-friendly cards for this position and thus needs to be upgraded as soon as you get some cash. He has an estimated price of 1000 with an overall rating of 74.

  • Close Shot – 88
  • Three-Pointers – 80
  • Perimeter Defense – 75


Rik Smits
Rik Smits completes the roster with the center position in safe hands. It was a hard choice between Rik and Shaq but obviously, the more budget-friendly option would have been Rik as Shaq has a huge name to elevate the price.

However, Rik has a better edge over Shaq when it comes to stamina and he can play more minutes than Shaq. Rik has an estimated price of 1400 with an overall rating of 82.

The strong center position of Rik Smits with the Post Fade rating of 87 makes him the best player with a strong defense. All within a low price.

Moreover, Rik Smits also has all the respectable stats need for a good center, like post-hooks, post-fades, etc. Thus, making him a good budget pick over Shaq.

  • Post Hook – 87
  • Post Fade – 87
  • Post Control – 87
  • Offensive Rebound – 87
  • Defensive Rebound – 88
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