How To See/Get Hot Zones In NBA 2K23

NBA 2K23 perhaps has the most realistic shooting mechanics in the franchise. While most of them are simply returning from previous installments with some boasting a few changes, newcomers will quickly realize that there are a number of factors to consider when it comes to guaranteeing a successful shot.

The odds of sinking a ball are tied with mechanics such as player attributes, their positioning and formation, the opposing team and their individual capabilities, and more.

Something else that can either greatly improve or decrease your odds to sink a ball is whether you are in a hot or cold zone on the court.

The following guide will explain what hot zones are and why they are so important in NBA 2K23.

Understanding hot/cold zones in NBA 2K23

Simply put, hot zones are areas on the court from where you can make easy shots.

If the area is a hot zone, the chances of landing your shots are more. If you are shooting from a cold or blue zone, your chances of making that shot gets reduced drastically.

Note that just because your player has high attributes does not mean that you can try a shot from every side of the court. The best lot will always know the hot zones of their players and will never try to make a shot from a cold zone.

How to see the hot/cold zones of a player

Every player on your team has different hot zones. To confirm the hot zone of a particular player, head into your MyCareer menu and look at his stats. There will be a map showing both of his hot and cold zones. You can memorize them for use on the fly during a match.

Do note that the game extracts the hot zones of a player from your gameplay. If you are not seeing any hot zones on the aforementioned map, it just means you have not played enough matches with that player.

You can correct that by playing on pro difficulty with 5-minute quarters. You should be then able to see his hot zones in his stats.

How to get more hot zones in MyCareer

The hot zones mechanism works in a manner that it sees the progress of your last 25 matches and you must have hit ten shots at the minimum at three-point to have a hot zone for long-range shots.

To convert any blue area on the court to blue, you need to have an overall good performance there. You can do this by playing on the easy difficulty. To convert a cold zone to a hot zone, you must have a minimum of 50% basket ratio in that region.

How to reset hot zones

While you are free to convert a blue area on the court to a red one with patience, it is not possible to reset your hot zones in NBA 2K23.

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