NBA 2K23 Best Starting Cards To Pick This Season

The most important decision you will have to make after jumping into MyTeam in NBA 2K23 will be to select...

The most important decision you will have to make after jumping into MyTeam in NBA 2K23 will be to select a starter card.

You can always randomly pick a player or better yet, know which ones are the best and most suited for your squad. That is based on their overall attributes and abilities on the court.

Remember that starter cards can be upgraded later on after hitting specific milestones. The effort and time you sink into NBA 2K23 make it important that you choose the right starter card from the get-go. You can also give yourself a boost early on by picking up the best budget cards in NBA 2K23.

The following guide will tell you the best starter cards in NBA 2K23.

Best Starter Cards you need for your NBA 2K23 MyTeam

Like with recent installments in the franchise, NBA 2K23 will give you a free card to start the new season. These starter cards are probably the best you can get your hands on, at least in the beginning. You must only decide which position you need to boost in your MyTeam and then pick the card accordingly.

Below are three starter cards that you should definitely consider at the start of the season.

Ja Morant
Ja Morant is an offensive player who is quick on his feet. If you are looking for a player to quickly get the ball inside the ring, Ja Morant is the man for the job.

However, note that his defensive abilities are a bit lacking. He may prove to be a good dunker, but his shooting skills are particularly going to leave you crossing your fingers. By tweaking a bit his stats, you can improve him with a good dunk build in the game. 

Joel Embiid
If you are looking for a strong center player who is able to score from the inside, then Joel Embiid should be your pick. He can prove to be a very effective player as he is a solid center and can provide you with strong interior defense. His post-defense is graded B+ while his inside scoring is graded B overall.

Jimmy Butler
If you are looking for a defensive player who will get you stops early on in the game, then Jimmy Butler should be your pick. He is a good wing shooter and can prove to be a mid-range threat. Jimmy Butler can do a bit of everything on the court, but the downside is that Jimmy Butler’s overall cards are rated low.

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