NBA 2K19 MyCareer Builds Guide – Best Builds, Best Archetypes, Tips and Strategies

Our NBA 2K19 MyCareer Builds Guide to help you learn all you need to know about best archetypes, stats, wingspan, weight, height for various positions.

Our NBA 2K19 MyCareer Builds Guide will share with you the most optimal builds for the MyCareer Mode.

There have been many changes to the mode and although the core mechanics might be the same, it definitely helps to know what Physique, Archetype, and stats you should be using for your builds.

Our NBA 2K19 MyCareer Builds Guide takes into account all of the new changes in this year’s iteration of the game and gives you tips and tricks to get the right player in the game.

NBA 2K19 MyCareer Builds

These builds are tailored specifically for their role and thus give you various different tips and tricks on how to best utilize them.

We tackle each and every one of the roles found in the game and give you detailed pointers on how to make sure that you have a character that can break apart the opposition and leave them in shambles.

Let’s go ahead and take a look at some of the builds that are found in the game.

Best Shooting Guard Build

Height – 6’3’’
The height is not one of the attributes of the shooting guard, as speed is much more important. To unlock your maximum speed potential, make sure that your guy is not more than 6 foot 4 inches, although 6 foot 3 is much better in my opinion.

Weight – 170 lbs
This also needs to be relatively less because you need a maximum amount of speed, acceleration, and quickness. If you are lightweight, then you will be very quick as well. For that reason, keep the weight low.

Wingspan – 75.5”
You may have guessed the pattern by now. The main thing that you need to do is to ensure that you have as much speed as possible.

There is no need for long arms so a value of around 75.5” will allow you to have a lot of speed when dribbling as well as have decent strength and shooting.

Archetypes – Shot Creating and 3 Point Shooting
As anyone who is a fan of the series will know, the main thing that you will need to do is to take shots from afar as well as ensure that some of your more offensive players have the ability to get in and get the basket.

For that reason, you will not only be a deadly passer but also a deadly finisher with the 2 Archetypes of Shot Creating and 3 Point Shooting.

How to Play the Build – Tips
You are a very well rounded player with the build above. Try to get the ball in your hands as much as possible so that you are able to make plays as well as take shots.

Remember that you are very, very fast and will be able to run rings around your opponents if you want to. Do not be afraid to take risks and get the ball to a player who is a little tight.

Stats – Initial Cap and Max Cap

Layups 14-19
Dunks 11-14
Mid-Range 22-25
3PT 18-22
Ball Handling 14-19
Passing 9-14
Post Offense 13-18
Rebounding 9-11
Steals 9-13
Blocks 8-12
Vertical 13-17
Lateral Quickness 13-17
Speed 14-18
Acceleration 16-21
Strength 11-15
Stamina 22-25

Best Small Forward Build

Height – 6’5”
The height of your Small Forward should be average so that you are able to have a decent standing dunk as well as have a good amount of rebound stats for both offensive and defensive purposes.

Weight – 180 lbs
This weight may not seem like much, but you need to be quick like you were as a shooting guard. Your main purpose is to be very quick when you have the ball on you.

Having a low weight will allow you to be decent despite having a height which may seem a little too much for someone looking to move fast.

Wingspan – 78.9”
This wingspan is good because it allows you to be as versatile as possible. You will be able to move around and have a good time contesting other players for shots.

Although this does mean that your dribble will not be as good, it is a sacrifice that you should be willing to make since it allows you to be better in many other areas.

Archetype – 3 Point Shooting, Driving, and Finishing
This is once again to make sure that you are able to score as much as you want.

Your job does revolve around trying to get the ball into the basket, so using these 2 Archetypes will enable you to both be offensive from behind the 3 point line as well as extremely close to the basket.

How to Play the Build – Tips
Since your dribble is not going to be particularly strong, make sure you are on the offensive and are ready to put the ball in the net as much as possible.

Your main job will be to either go ahead and dunk the ball in at a pace which is simply too much for any opponent to handle, or to orchestrate 3 pointers from afar.

Keeping that in mind, be mindful of gaps in the enemy’s defense and use them to your advantage.

Stats – Initial Cap and Max Cap

Layups 14-17
Dunks 10-12
Mid-Range 18-22
3PT 19-21
Ball Handling 10-16
Passing 9-14
Post Offense 8-12
Rebounding 7-11
Steals 9-13
Blocks 5-9
Vertical 14-18
Lateral Quickness 12-17
Speed 14-17
Acceleration 14-18
Strength 9-14
Stamina 22-25

Best Point Guard Build

Height – 6’6”
This height is there so that you have a very good amount of vertical push when it is combined with your wingspan. This will allow you to be unbeatable when in the air and take control of the game as you dictate the offense and lead the defense.

Weight – 210 lbs
This weight is good because it allows you to have a decent amount of speed but also be incredibly strong. This means that you will be a pillar in the defense and will be very hard to penetrate by anyone.

Wingspan – As high as possible
It should be self-evident by now. You want to get to as great of a height as possible and to do that, you will need to have a very large wingspan.

Since your height may not compare with a couple of other positions, it is important that you have the maximum amount of wingspan that is possible for you.

Archetypes – Passing, Ball Handling, and Defending
These 2 Archetypes will give you both defensive and offensive advantages.

Not only will you be the main point of defense for your team in pretty much all of the aerial battles, but you will also be guiding your attacks and ensuring that all of the players are doing their jobs correctly.

You will be able to get the ball to the right players and they will then be able to string together attacks and eventually points.

Stats – Initial Cap and Max Cap

Layups 13-17
Dunks 6-11
Mid-Range 11-16
3PT 12-16
Ball Handling 19-22
Passing 19-22
Post Offense 7-10
Rebounding 10-13
Steals 15-18
Blocks 13-17
Vertical 14-18
Lateral Quickness 17-21
Speed 22-25
Acceleration 22-25
Strength 12-17
Stamina 22-25

Best Point Forward Build

Height – 6’9”
This is to ensure that you are very good in the air and are able to perform everything from a dunk to a rebound.

Weight – 214 lbs
This is a good weight which is neither too much nor too little. The main reason to have 214 lbs as a weight is because you will be able to be decently quick but will not be way too quick which will sacrifice your strength.

You want to be right down the middle so that you are able to perform all of your duties without fail.

Wingspan – 81”
The main reason for not having a very large wingspan is because you have already given yourself way too much of a height and there is no point in overdoing it.

Going a moderate 81” will allow you to be good all over the board rather than just yield the advantages of having long arms.

Archetypes – Driving, Finishing, and Shot Creating
These 2 Archetypes will allow you to be most useful when you are within your opponent’s area. Not only will you have a lot of skill when you are up close and personal, but you will also be able to net in shots from mid-range.

How to Play the Build – Tips
Just make sure that you are doing your bit.

There is no need for you to try something exceptional when playing as the Point Forward because the ball is going to come to you anyway, and you will get ample opportunities to help your team win the game.

So remember, just stay in your position and do your part since that is all that is required of you.

Initial Cap and Max Cap

Layups 21-24
Dunks 21-23
Mid-Range 13-17
3PT 7-12
Ball Handling 15-19
Passing 9-13
Post Offense 9-13
Rebounding 9-13
Steals 11-16
Blocks 10-14
Vertical 21-23
Lateral Quickness 14-19
Speed 20-23
Acceleration 21-24
Strength 11-16

Best Centre Build

Height – 7’0”
This is the perfect height for you as it will give you very good air presence but also allow you to get contact dunk boost and an increase in rebounding.

However, you will not be very fast. Just remember that you are still fast enough to get the job done in most cases as speed is never going to be your strong point.

Weight – 235 lbs
A weight of 235 is not that light but still light enough for you to have a decent amount of speed as well as be a strong guy who can do his job as a center should.

Wingspan – 85”
Since you are going to be a player who is shooting quite a lot, it is important that your Wingspan not be greater than 85.4”.

A wingspan around 85” will ensure that you have the adequate shooting skills as well as a decent chance of fighting for the ball in the air.

Archetypes – Rebounding and Defending
Although there are other Archetypes which may end up working better for some players than the 2 that have been mentioned here.

I find that Rebounding allows me to get to my maximum potential when on offense whereas defending ensures that the player is very sound and well rounded. Together, these 2 Archetypes complete your center.

How to Play the Build – Tips
You do not need to worry that much about missing the shot since the ball should come back to you one way or the other. You can fight for it in the air or just fall back and defend.

Remember that rebounding is one of the things that you will be decent at so make sure you make use of that by staying near the baskets when your offensive players have the ball.

Remember that it is on you to help your team and not the other way around, so make use of your brain to ensure that your team is on the right track and control the plays whichever way you can.

Stats – Initial Cap and Max Cap

Layups 11-16
Dunks 13-17
Mid-Range 7-12
3PT 5-9
Ball Handling 5-8
Passing 8-11
Post Offense 10-13
Rebounding 21-23
Steals 17-21
Blocks 17-21
Vertical 22-25
Lateral Quickness 17-21
Speed 16-21
Acceleration 16-21
Strength 21-25
Stamina 22-25

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