NBA 2K19 Defense Controls Guide – Off Ball Controls

This NBA 2K19 Defense Controls Guide will outline all of the important defence controls that you will need on your half of the court.

Defense is as important as offense in basketball, as you will definitely lose the game even if you score 100 points as long as your opponent scores more. Our NBA 2K19 Defense Controls Guide will shore up your defensive line to give you opportunities to attack more.

Our NBA 2K19 Defense Controls Guide will outline all of the important defense controls that you will need on your half of the court.

NBA 2K19 Defense Controls

We will be looking at the entire defense controls that are required when playing NBA 2K19.

There do not seem to be as many controls on defense as there are on offense and that is a good thing as defending is complicated enough in any sports game as it is.

Let us go ahead and see how you can ensure your opponent does not score nearly as much as he should be scoring.

Defense Control Scheme

  • Player Swap: Press X to Switch to the Player Nearest to the Ball
  • Intense D: LT Will Allow You to Get Into a Hunched Down Defensive Stance
  • Block: Triangle Will Block the Shooter
  • Steal: You Can Steal by Pressing the Square Button
  • Crowd Dribbler: Move the Left Stick to the Player While Holding LT
  • Fast Shuffle: Hold Both the Triggers While Moving the Left Stick
  • Hands Up: Hold Your Right Stick Up and Move
  • Hands Out: Hold Your Right Stick on Any of the Sides and Then Move
  • Shot Contest: Move the Right Stick Up and Then Quickly Release It
  • Onball Steal: Move the Right Stick Down and Then Quickly Release It
  • Vertical Contest: The Left Stick Should Be Away From the Shooter, and Then Press Triangle
  • Swat Block: Hold RT and Then Press Circle
  • Take Charge: Press and Hold O
  • Flop: Tap O Twice
  • Chuck: Trap Your O Button When You Are Near the Player With the Ball
  • Post Pull Chair: Move Your Left Stick Away From the Post and Then Release It Quickly
  • Icon Swap: Press RB and Then the Icon of Your Player
  • Intentional Foul: Hold Square When Near the Ball Controller
  • Double Team: Hold LB
  • Icon Double Team: Press LB and Then the Player Icon

Off Ball Controls

  • Box Out Opponent: Hold LT when the ball has been released by the player
  • Rebound: Triangle when the ball hits the rim
  • Bump: Hold LT when in the way of a player
  • Chuck: Tap O when you are standing and then move your left stick to the player
  • Grab: Same as Chuck but press O when you are moving
  • Deny Hands Out: Hold the RS in any direction when moving
  • Deny Engage: Hold LT when near an opponent
  • Off-Ball Foul: Hold RT and O when near an opponent who does not have the ball
  • Post-Up Engage: Hold LT when near the opponent up close to the post
  • Dive for Loose Ball: Repeatedly tap your circle or square button when chasing the ball

That is all we have for our NBA 2K19 Defense Controls Guide. Let us know if we missed something using the comments section below!

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