NBA 2K19 Offense Controls Guide – Shooting, Dribbling, Post-Shooting

The offense is the most fun part of NBA for most players as it allows you to score points. Our NBA 2K19 Offense Controls Guide will comprehensively lay out the Offensive Controls that you can use to score points at a very high pace consistently. Our NBA 2K19 Offense Controls Guide will tell you about all of the ways that you can attack and carry the ball up the court to score.

NBA 2K19 Offense Controls

Let us go ahead and take a look at some of the best moves that you can perform while in the opponent’s half of the court.

We will be looking at shooting controls, post-shooting controls, and the dribbling controls so that you have a good idea of what to do no matter the situation.

Shooting Controls

  • Pump Fake: Tap the Square Button
  • Jump Shot: Hold Square and Release
  • Free Throw: Hold Square and Then Release
  • Bank Shot: Hold the RS Up and Then Release
  • Normal Layup: While Driving, Move the RS Up
  • Two-Hand Dunk: While Driving, Hold RT and Then RS
  • Runner/Floater: While Driving in Close Range, Move the RS
  • Spin Shot: Double Tap Square While You Are Holding the LS
  • Hop Gather: Tap Square While You Are Dribbling With the LS
  • Flashy Dunk: Hold the RS Down While Holding RT to Perform the Flashy Dunk
  • Dominant Dunk: Hold RT, and Then Hold RS Right or Left When You Are Close to Dunking

Post-Shooting Controls

  • Spin or Drive: Rotate the RS While You Are Holding LT
  • Enter and Leave Post: Hold LT to Post Up and Release to Leave
  • Post Pivot: Hold LT, Move the LS and Then Quickly Release to Pivot
  • Post Fade: Hold LT, Then Move the RS in a Direction Away From the Post
  • Straight Stepback: Holt LT, Then RT and Then Move the RS Before Quickly Releasing It
  • Post Hop: Hold LT, Then Move the RS in Any Direction That You Want Before Pressing Square
  • Post Hook: Hold LT, Then Move and Hold the RS in Either the Upwards Direction or the Downwards Direction
  • Drive to Key: Hold LT, Then RT and Move the LS in the Desired Direction While Quickly Releasing LT to Perform the Drive

Dribbling Controls

  • Spin: Rotate Your RS Clockwise
  • Hold Off Defenders: Simply Hold Your LT
  • Sprint: Hold RT and Then Move the LS in Any Direction
  • Hard Stop: When Driving Forwards, Quickly Tap Your LT
  • Behind the Back: Move the RS Down Before Releasing It Quickly
  • Crossover: When the Ball Is in Your Right Hand, Move the RS to the Left
  • Stepback: While Holding RT, Move the RS Down Before Quickly Releasing It
  • Stepover: Push Your RS to Either the Right Side or the Left Before Releasing It
  • Between Legs Cross: Hold RT, Then Move RS to the Left Before Quickly Releasing It
  • Signature Size-Up Combo: Move Your RS While You Are Standing and Then Quickly Release It
  • In and Out: Press RT, Then Move the RS up Before Quickly Releasing It in Order to Perform the In and Out
  • Triple Threat Pump Fake: Move the RS Down Before Releasing It in Order to Perform the Triple Threat Pump Fake

That is all we have for our NBA 2K19 Offense Controls Guide. Let us know if we missed something using the comments section below!

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