NBA 2K19 MyPlayer Guide – Tips, MyPlayer Creator, Rewards, 99 Overall

There is a lot of work that your dream player has to go through before he can make a name for himself in NBA 2K19 via the MyCareer Mode in the game.

Starting out as an average player with just the basic knowledge of the fundamentals of the game, it is your job to guide him to climb the ladder of success and add to his stats through the way you play.

In our NBA 2K19 MyPlayer Guide, we have highlighted some tips which will allow you to level up and the rewards for each successful upgrade for your character.

NBA 2K19 MyPlayer

Leveling up your character is always a treat because of the rewards in store for you. Ranging from cosmetic items to rewards even outside the real game, yes, we are talking about real life prizes; there is a lot to look forward to.

Most of that leveling up to eventually reach level 99, comes from training, and a lot of it.

What you will be looking at most of the time is the Gatorade Training Facility which will be situated to the right of Jordan Rec Center. The more exercises you undergo here will help you level up more.

Some of the activities that you can carry out here include Leg Press, Box Jump, Treadmill, and more. The most important ones are the Hurdles and Gatorade Reaction which will help you boost your stats immensely.

Additionally, you can unlock badges which earn you unique passive abilities. You can earn these by your drills at Team Practice.

Good performance in these drills will earn you badge points which can be later utilized in unlocking the badges themselves.

Lastly, if you want to avoid all the chores and the efforts that you will need to put up in training, why not just go for Virtual Currency?

Of course, you do not have to be the richest person around to do that. In fact, you do not have to spend anything of your real money at all since you can earn VC via many modes in the game.

These include regular matches, MyCourt mode and the Pro AM League. Now that you know about all ways of earning stuff in order to level up those stats, let us see what rewards each level holds for you and the character.

Level 65

  • Dying Hair Is Possible at Doc’s.
  • Pro Level Dribbling, Shooting, Dunking, and Flashy Pass Animations.
  • Being Able to Execute Pre-Game Rituals.
  • MyTeam Will Carry Some Rewards.
  • New Ball Selections Will Be Available at MyCourt.

70 Overall

  • Ability to ‘Express’ Yourself at the Matches With the Expressive Badge.
  • Upgrade of Existing Features: Dribbling, Shooting, Dunking, and Flashy Pass Animations.
  • Celebrations Now Possible.

75 Overall

  • New Players Unlocked: Mitchell & Ness at the NBA Store.
  • Jumpshot Now Available
  • MyTeam Will Carry Some Rewards

80 Overall

  • New Merchandise at the NBA Store.
  • Tier 1 Pre-Game Rituals Unlocked.
  • Tier 2 Emote Animations Unlocked
  • Jersey Customization Possible.
  • Footballs Now Purchasable at Swag’s Main Street Clothing.
  • Floors Can Be Customized for MyCourt

85 Overall

  • Customize Jewelry Now Available at Swag’s Main Street Clothing.
  • Tier 1 Celebration Animations Available
  • MyTeam Has New Rewards.
  • Tier 2 Movement Animations Available.
  • You Can Now Bring the Beat to the Game! Import Custom Music and Sounds to Begin Your NBA Games.
  • NBA Murals Now Available for MyCourt.
  • Skateboards Now Purchasable at Wheels, Riding Became a Lot of Fun All of a Sudden.

90 Overall

  • Changes Can Be Made to the Formation and Movement of Your NBA Team.
  • MyTeam Has New Rewards
  • Tier 3 Emote Animations Unlocked
  • Mini-Basketball Machine for MyCourt Unlocked.
  • Customized Eyewear Purchasable at Swag’s Main Street Clothing.
  • More Vehicles and Modes of Transport Available at Wheels.

91 Overall

  • Blacktop Arcade Machine for MyCourt Unlocked.
  • Vehicles Can Now Be Customized and Stylized at Wheels.
  • Tier 2 Pre-Game Rituals Unlocked
  • T-Shirts Purchasable.
  • Get Custom Tattoos of Your Liking at Alley-Oops Tattoo.

92 Overall

  • Gym Rat Badge Unlocked for Permanent Energy/Turbo.
  • Speak Out Your Thoughts to the World.
  • Your Very Own Beats Machine Unlocked.

93 Overall

  • Tier 2 Celebration Animations Unlocked.
  • Be Able to Join the 2K VIP Club.
  • Tricks for Vehicles Available at Wheels.

94 Overall

  • More Tactical Features and Commands Open With the On Court Coach Badge.
  • Boost for Takeover Abilities in Secondary or Primary Archetype.

95 Overall

  • Next Character at MyPlayer Gets a Boost.
  • Tier 4 Emote Animations Unlocked
  • New Features for Vehicles Unlocked at Wheels

96 Overall

  • Now Earn Two Times the VC You Get From Any Game.
  • New Rides Available at Wheels.

97 Overall

  • New Rides Available at Wheels.

98 Overall

  • Be the Proud Face of NBA TV
  • New Merchandise Available at Swag’s Main Street Clothing.

99 Overall

  • The Legend Badge Will Increase Stats for Other Badges
  • Live Forever in NBA2K20
  • Real Life Reward of Customized 2K Shoes and a Copy of NBA 2K20 (Only Limited Players)

This is all we have in our NBA 2K19 MyPlayer Guide. If there is anything else that you would like to add, let us know in the comments section below!

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