Black Ops 2 – Mob Of The Dead: All Skull Locations

Get a free Blundergat Wonder Weapon for finding all five Skulls.

Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 is full of secrets. If you come across a random skull (known as Crystal Skulls) while exploring Mob of the Dead, know that it is one of the many steps you need to complete for the Pop Goes the Weasel Easter Egg.

There are five Skulls across the Alcatraz Island map in Black Ops 2. Finding all of them rewards players with a free Blundergat wonder weapon.

Before we begin this guide, there are two things players must note. The skulls do not appear while in human form. To spot them, players must use Afterlife. Secondly, to collect the skulls players need to unlock the Hell’s Retriever by feeding all three wolves in Mob of the Dead.


Playing on Easy difficulty will not mark the skulls as collected. Players must at least play on the original or higher difficulty to collect the skulls.

Skull #1 – Roof

The first skull is located on the roof above the Infirmary. Simply walk towards the left side of the roof and look at the corner of the jotting balcony. Throw a Hell’s retriever slightly towards the edge of the balcony to collect the first skull.


If you find it hard to spot the skulls, ask your friends to switch to Afterlife and electrocute the area where the skull is placed.

Skull #2- Warden’s office

The second skull can be found on top of the electric pole located right outside the window of the Warden’s office in Mob of the Dead.

The window will be located right next to the Speed Cola vending machine. Look out of the window and throw your Hell’s Retriever at the top of the pole to collect the Crystal Skull.

Skull #3 – Cell Block

This skull can be spotted in the cell block outside of the Warden’s office. The skull will be on a shelf in the first cell but you’ll be required to aim the Hell’s Retriever at the toilet to collect it.

Skull #4 – Docks

Make your way toward the sniper tower trap in the lower docks. The skull is on the dock right across from the Mystery Box spawn. Throw your Hell’s Retriever at the third pillar from the left to collect the skull in Black Ops 2 zombies.

Skull #5 – Docks

The last skull is also located in the docks. This time, head over to the Juggernog vending machine and look right above it to spot a street lamp. The skull will be on top of it. Equip one of your Hell’s Retriever and throw it at the bulb to collect the last skull in Mob of the Dead.

Once all five skulls are collected, head over to the Warden’s Office to acquire the free Blundergat wonder weapon reward in COD Black Ops 2 zombies.

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