Black Ops 2: Mob Of The Dead – How To Get Brutus To Complete His Patrol

Completing Brutus' patrol unlocks the "Full Lockdown" trophy/achievement in Black Ops 2.

Taking Brutus on a patrol around the Mob of the Dead map rewards players with the ‘Full Lockdown” Trophy in Call of Duty: Black Ops 2. However, many players have found it tedious to complete as Brutus tends to get distracted easily.

For this reason, we’ve compiled a guide on how to get Brutus to complete his patrol and earn players the achievement in Black Ops 2.

How to get Brutus to complete his patrol in Mob of the Dead

There are four things that players need to do for Brutus to complete his patrol in Mob of the Dead. Make sure that the map is all set as explained below before you lead Brutus across the map.

All five perks

The first thing to do for the Full Lockdown achievement is to turn on all five of the perk vending machines in Mob of the Dead. The perks include Juggernog, Speed Cola, Electric Cherry, Double Tap, and Deadshot Daiquiri.  

Crafting Tables

There are three crafting tables scattered across Alcatraz island. You need to have built one item from two of the three crafting tables. The items include the Shield and the Acid Gat Kit for the Blundergat in Black Ops 2 zombies.

Mystery Box

You need to lead Brutus to a Mystery Box location for him to hit it.


The last thing players need to have is to have a part to be placed on the plane for Brutus to hit. This includes the Engine found in the Warden’s office or the gas can.

Lead Brutus to complete his Patrol

Once all of the things mentioned are activated, it’s now time to wait for a Brutus to spawn. Lead Brutus to the activated items around the map and make him hit them. This can be done in any order but we recommend getting done with the perks first as Brutus gets distracted.


Brutus spawns randomly after rounds 5 and 7 but using the Mystery Box too many times increases the chances of him spawning sooner.

A strategy to easily let Brutus hit the objects without getting distracted is to kill all the regular zombies around him and then lead the mad warden to the items. Walk around the vicinity of the objects until Brutus eventually hits them. You’ll know you’ve done them correctly if a bell rings when Brutus hits the objects and fire erupts around them.


Killing a Brutus or getting downed by him will not affect the lockdown process. Clear the round and wait for another Brutus to spawn.

Once Brutus goes through all of the items, the “Full Lockdown” Trophy/Achievement should pop up for players in Black Ops 2. The items that Brutus destroys can be unlocked by spending 2000 points each.

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