Black Ops 2: How To Build The Acid Gat Kit In Mob Of The Dead

Upgrade your Blundergat with an acidic twist.

Similar to Pack-a-Punching your guns, the already powerful Blundergat also gets an upgrade in Black Ops 2 that turns it into an acid-spraying death machine with the help of the Acid Gat Kit.

As exciting as it sounds, the process behind building the Acid Gat is quite tedious and causes a lot of frustration for players to build. For this purpose, we’ve compiled a whole guide on how you can easily build the Acid Gat kit for the Blundergat in Mob of the Dead.

How to get the Acid Gat Kit in Mob of the Dead

In order to acquire the Acid Gat Kit, players must look for three parts scattered around the Mob of the Dead map. Making it even more complicated, each part of the wonder weapon can spawn in three different locations.

Part 1 – Case

The first part of the wonder weapon is a case that can spawn on the metal dispensary in front of the entrance to C.D Street. If the case doesn’t seem to spawn there, head over to Michigan Avenue and look behind the staircase to find the case tucked in the corner.

Alternatively, it can also spawn in the right corner of the Cafeteria. Go across the staircase and look at the corner to spot the case. Press the interactive key to pick up the first item for the Acid Gat Kit in Black Ops 2.

Part 2 – Acid Bottle

The first location where the Acid Bottle can spawn is on the top floor of the Cafeteria. Use the stairs to get to the top floor and enter the infirmary to spot the Acid Bottle placed on the metal trolley.

The second location where the bottle can be found is in the room with the bathtub which is used for the Golden Spork Easter Egg in Black Ops 2. The acid bottle will be on the desk next to the bathtub.

If it doesn’t spawn there, head out of the room with the bloody bathtub and look around the room to find it in the corner next to the broken window.

Part 3 – Motor

The last part of the Acid Gat Kit can be found around the Warden’s Office. The part can be found next to the Uzi wall buy in the eastern section of the room.

If the part isn’t placed there, head over to the Mystery Box location to spot the Motor placed on the left-hand side. Alternatively, it can be next to the Fireplace in the center of the Warden’s office.

How to craft the Acid Gat Kit

Now that you’ve found all three parts of the wonder weapon, head on over to any of the three workstations to craft the Acid Gat Kit. The workbenches can be found outside of the docks, In the Cafeteria, or next to the Electric Cherry vending machine.

Approach the workbench and press the interactive key to start building the Acid gat Kit. With the Acid Gat Kit crafted, it is now time to find yourself a Blundergat to upgrade. The Bludergat can be found in a Mystery Box or by collecting all five Skulls in Black Ops 2 zombies.

Did You Know

Applying the Acid Gat Kit to the Bludergat will also reward players with the ‘Acid Drip’ Achievement in Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 zombies.

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