Black Ops Cold War: How To Find & Kill Tempest Zombies In Mauer Der Toten

All for the sake of electrical fuses.

The special zombies known as Tempest are making a comeback on the map of Mauer Der Toten in Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War. These purple floating orbs of energy serve a bigger purpose than ever as they hold the key for turning on the power to the map as well as unlocking the new OTs 9 SMG in the game.

How to find and kill Tempest Zombies in Mauer der Toten

Other than the fact that the undead orbs of electricity shoot energy beams and can teleport, there isn’t much information on where to find them as they spawn randomly. However, when they do spawn make sure that you’re fully prepared as they’ll be arriving with a whole platoon.

As scary as the Tempest may sound, they’re one of the easier special zombies to kill. Simply shoot their chest to reveal their core. Shoot the core to cause the Tempest to explode inflicting damage to themselves and zombies near them.

The Tempest zombies often drop Electrical Fuses upon defeat which are quite necessary for turning on the power and beginning the Main Easter Egg.

Where to find Electric Fuses in Mauer Der Toten?

As mentioned above, the Tempest zombies drop fuses which help to turn on the power to the map. Players must find two electric fuses that are dropped by Tempests.


Do note that not every Tempest you encounter will drop an electric fuse

Since the Tempest spawns randomly, there isn’t a specific location where they are found but the game does tell you the locations where you’ll likely find them. Simply follow the white markers that appear on your HUD after you’ve spawned to find Tempest zombies in Mauer Der Toten.

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