How To Find Wine For The Old Lady At The Window In Lies of P

Find more wine for a fancy lady.

Just like with most other side quests in Lies of P, The Old Lady at the Window or The Bottle of La Bleiwies side quest starts off with you encountering an NPC’s silhouette in the streets of Krat. The Old Lady at the Window in Lies of P will ask you to bring her a bottle of the La Bleiwies wine, and in exchange, you can get a nice reward.

The Old Lady at the Window quest itself can be picked up during Chapter 6 as you are exploring Rosa Isabelle Street. Near the entrance of the area, you will hear the sound of coughing. Follow the sound to reach a window with a silhouette of a woman holding a goblet. Talk to her, and she will tell you about a favorite wine of hers, the La Bleiwies. According to the old lady, this wine in Lies of P can be found inside the Lorenzini Arcade.

Lies of P La Bleiwies Wine location

If you’ve reached Chapter 7, you have probably unlocked the Lorenzini Arcade. From the Lorenzini Arcade Stargazer, move straight ahead to the Theatre Clemence fallen board, where you’ll find the Lorenzini Arcade 1st Floor Key. Go back to the Stargazer and turn left, and it will take you to a closed gate where you have to use the key.

Move through the gate, and on your left, you’ll find a wall with a big hole. Pass through the hole and go downstairs. Go further down, and you’ll end up in what looks like a cellar with several barrels; however, you have to move past them and continue – eventually ending up at the stairs that go up. Now, you need to look for a fountain as it would have the Arcade Underground Passage Key.

How To Find Wine For The Old Lady At The Window In Lies of P

Use the door right behind this fountain and head back downstairs, where you’ll end up with another gate that can be unlocked using the Arcade Underground Passage Key.

Lies of P La Bleiwies Wine location

Through the gate, move straight ahead and then take the first left. Then, go straight ahead till you reach an area that looks like a wine shop on the right. Go inside that shop, and on the left side of the counter, there are stairs going further down. Continue your journey till you find yourself at the cellar shelves, which have wine bottles with a blue item indication. This is where you can pick up the La Bliewies wine in Lies of P.


Go back to Rosa Isabelle Street to meet up with the Old Lady again. Talk with her, and you’ll give her the “Ruby of the Heavens” wine to her in Lies of P, which she would be very grateful for. In return, she’ll give you the Vengini Commemorative Coin, which you can use to get a Half Moonstone.

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