Where To Use Faded Whistle In Lies of P

Help a sick boy meet his friend again.

Among the side quests in Lies of P, the one with Toma’s Faded Whistle is one of the saddest ones. Toma is a kid who you talk to through a window in Elysion Boulevard. He will talk about his friend Murphy, who used to pass by but hasn’t been around for a while. The kids used to be able to identify Murphy through the whistle he used.

Being seriously ill, Toma will ask you to find out where Murphy is and reunite him with his friend. This starts Toma’s Request side quest in Lies of P.

Where to use the Faded Whistle in Lies of P

Since Faded Whistle in Lies of P is part of Toma’s side quest, you need to use it while facing the window where you talk to Toma. Fast travel to the Inside the House on Elysion Boulevard Stargazer. Go through the rooftops and then use the ladder to drop down to street level, where you should spot Toma’s window. However, if you talk to Toma, he will simply mention Murphy again.

Lies of P Use Faded Whistle

To actually proceed with Toma’s Request side quest, you need to open your inventory and then press Use on the Faded Whistle. Once you do that, Toma will react, and the quest will end. You get a Radiant Ergo Fragment for using the Faded Whistle in Lies of P.

Toma’s Faded Whistle location

After talking to Toma, just proceed normally through Elysion Boulevard until you reach the Scrapped Watchman boss fight in Krat City Hall Courtyard. Notice something? The boss is a policeman, and they use whistles. Turns out, the policeman who was friendly with all the kids is the Scrapped Watchman. Or, as the kids called him, Murphy.

After defeating the Scrapped Watchman, look for a bench near the back of the arena. You should be able to spot it easily, thanks to the candles around it. At the foot of the bench, you will read the word “FRIENDS” indicating some kids made this play area and they probably used to hang out here with Murphy.

Lies of P Toma’s Faded Whistle location

You can pick up the Faded Whistle from this bench. Keep in mind that the Faded Whistle only spawns if you have talked to Toma before the Scrapped Watchman boss fight. You need to continue the conversation till Toma mentions Murphy for the event to trigger. If you defeat the boss without talking to Toma, there will be no way to complete this quest.

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