What Does Change Shape Do In Lies of P

Get rid of P's annoying long hair.

Change Shape is a mechanic in Lies of P that focuses on your character’s appearance change as the story progresses. Depending on whether P is more Human-like or Puppet-Like, you’ll be able to unlock and change into said designs. Using the Change Shape option, you can essentially change your hairstyle if you want to keep shorter hair or change to longer hair, and so on.

Since Lies of P is inspired by the tale of Pinocchio, a puppet that wants to become human. While created as a puppet, Pinocchio is different than other puppets. What sets him apart from other puppets is his ability to tell a lie.

How to Change Shape in Lies of P

How to Change Shape in Lies of P

Once you have saved Giuseppe Geppetto, you can visit him upstairs in his office in Hotel Krat. Talk to him, and he will give you access to his tools. The important tool in question is the P-Organ. The P-Organ has the option to activate and to “Change Shape”; however, it might not work right from the beginning.

The reason is that the ability to Change Shape in Lies of P relies on the choices you make throughout your gameplay. Whether you decide to speak the Truth or Lie.

How telling lies affects gameplay in Lies of P

As stated before, Pinocchio is a very special puppet. He has a special ability to tell a lie. The question is whether you should follow this path.

The way the game works is a little different than the classic tale, where every time Pinocchio lies – his nose would get longer. In Lies of P, the more you speak the truth, the more you’re considered a Puppet.


On the contrary, the more you Lie, the more you’re considered to be a Human. Your choice of whether to lie or to speak the truth would affect your humanity, appearance, and even the ending of the game – for instance, your hair will start to get longer. Or they might change color to grey as time passes, just like a real human being.

If you do not like the new appearance, you can always switch it using the Change Shape setting from the P-Organ machine.

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