Lies of P Cable Railway Key Location

Prove yourself a Stalker.

After completing Moonlight Town in Lies of P, your next destination is Path of Misery. However, you will soon find out that the route is blocked as the train has been shut down and requires the Cable Railway Key before you can enter it and travel to Path of Misery in Lies of P. Unfortunately, the game doesn’t make it clear how you are supposed to get the Cable Railway Key, but that is why we are here to help.

How to get the Cable Railway Key in Lies of P

From the Stargazer in Moonlight Town, begin your journey and go directly towards the train you’re trying to access, which will take you to the Path of Misery. Right next to the train, you will notice an NPC standing with a spear weapon.

Her name is The Atoned. Talk to The Atoned, and she will explain that the trains are not in service any longer. According to her, the cathedral is no longer a safe haven people believed it to be as they left for it; they never returned.

The important part comes here when she asks you to prove your identity. This is the point you’re supposed to prove you’re a Stalker by selecting the option to Give the Stalker’s greeting to her.

Once you’ve proven your identity as a Stalker, you’ll be given the Cable Railway Key. You can use it to enter the train now and pull the lever so it can take you directly to the Path of Misery.

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