Lies of P Best Legion Arms

Equipping the best Legion Arm can ensure no boss is safe from you.

Legion Arms in Lies of P act as the secondary weapon that you can quickly use in the heat of battle if you lack stamina or are unable to get close to an enemy for a melee attack. Furthermore, Legion Arms allow you to target enemies with utilities and ranged attacks in the form of projectiles, shock attacks, Fire attacks, etc. In most cases, there are certain Legion Arms that can prove to be more resourceful in dealing with normal enemies.

While you can upgrade your Legion Arms in Lies of P to improve their effectiveness, not every Legion Arm is worth upgrading. There are some that are far better performing than others, and these are the legion arms we will be focusing on today.

In order to determine the Best Legion Arms in Lies of P, you will have to experience them individually against all kinds of enemies. As most of the Legion Arms that you can acquire can be very viable, you will need to pick the best ones that are more suited to your build. With that in mind, I have ranked the five best Legion Arms that you can use to destroy your enemies in Lies of P.

5. Fulminis

Lies of P Best Legion Arms

At the bottom of our list of best legion arms, Fulminis can deliver a shock-based AoE attack. So you can just keep spamming the attack over and over again, and it will end up proccing shock on your enemies pretty quickly in Lies of P.

Moving onto the Ability Scaling of the Fulminis Legion Arm, you get a (D) for Technique and (B) for Advance. In terms of upgrading this Legion Arm, you can upgrade the Fulminis to all three levels. These will include Moveable Charge, Leakage Current,  and Overcharge in Lies of P.

The final upgrade will enhance the shock damage you deliver extensively and also allow you to overcharge this Legion Arm, resulting in a massive AoE. This can be helpful when you are dealing with certain mini-bosses, such as the Mad Clown Puppet in Lies of P. That, coupled with the fact that the Fulminis has a pretty decent Motivity scaling (B), makes it reasonably useful but not if you have weapons like Electric Coil Stick.


4. Flamberge

Lies of P Best Legion Arms

The Flamberge is an advanced Legion Arm that spits out fire and acts exactly like a powerful flamethrower in Lies of P. It is considered in the list of the Best Legion Arms due to its versatility, especially against human-type enemies. This also goes for the carcass-type enemies, which get damaged easily with fire attacks.

You can upgrade the Flamberge Legion Arm to three upgrades, which include Wave of Fire, Strengthen Combustion, and Flame Explosion. Moreover, the Flamberge Legion Arm will work well in boss fights, especially against flesh/carcass enemies like Fallen Archbishop Andreus in Lies of P. So, by upgrading this Legion arm, you can extend the range of the fire damage and even cause a fire explosion as well.

3. Aegis

Lies of P Best Legion Arms

Aegis is one of the most cool-looking Legion Arms that gives you a shield to use in Lies of P. Aegis Legion Arm is, in fact, the only way to use a shield in Lies of P. The best part about this particular shield is that it damages any enemy that comes in contact with it. So when an enemy hits you, and you block the attack with the Aegis Legion, that enemy will be inflicted with a small AoE attack.

Moreover, if you time it correctly, you can also use the Aegis Legion Arm for parries, making it one of the Best Legion Arms in the game. Like all Legion Arms, you will need to upgrade Aegis as well. So here you can upgrade this legion arm to Guard Attack, Guard Parry, and Counter Charge in Lies of P.

This way, you will be able to deflect incoming enemy attacks while blocking at the same time. Once you reach the third upgrade, you will be able to exert a nice amount of damage using the Aegis Legion Arm in those tougher fights. You can charge your legion arm while using the Guard Parry and then lunge at your enemy to deliver a more powerful attack in Lies of P.

2. Puppet String

Lies of P Best Legion Arms

This is a technique-based Legion Arm, which you can acquire early on in Lies of P and ironically, it is one of the best ones as well. You can use the Puppet String to drag smaller enemies towards you and also zips you towards large enemies.

You can also make the Puppet String Legion Arm more useful against larger enemies by upgrading it in Lies of P. The upgrades for the Puppet String Legion Arm include Trace, Dodge, and Attack Link. So upgrading the Legion Arm will allow you to exert both physical and stagger damage onto bosses during those intense fights in Lies of P.

This way, you will be able to close the gap between those enemies and dodge them at close range after you land a hit successfully. However, the third upgrade is what makes the Puppet String Legion Arm shine amongst the rest. So when you hold onto the Legion Arm while locked onto an enemy, you get dragged towards them. Then, you are lifted in the air, after which you can hit the enemy boss with a powerful slam attack.

1. Falcon Eyes

Lies of P Best Legion Arms

This is in my opinion, the best Legion Arm that you can get your hands on in Lies of P, as it allows you to deal ranged damage to your enemies. So by equipping this Legion Arm, you basically add a cannon in your arm that shoots exploding bullets, which in turn deal a decent amount of damage. This ranged versatility of Falcon Eyes makes it useful in every scenario.

Falcon Eyes should be your go-to Legion Arm as it maximizes damage output to any enemy type. The upgrades for the Falcon Eyes Legion Arm include New Material Gunpowder, Quick Reload, and Emergency Shot. So you can shoot enemies while dodging their attacks and capitalize on that explosion range with this Legion Arm.

However, the only downside you will face while using Falcon Eyes will be that the arm fires very slowly. So, you will need to maintain some distance from your enemies before committing to the attack.

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