The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild Money Farming Guide

There is primarily one way to farm Rupees in BotW, and that is what we will discuss today. The following Zelda: Breath of the Wild money farming guide will help you get your hands on more Rupees.

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The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild Money Farming

There are four types of money in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.

  • Green Rupee – 1 value
  • Blue Rupee – 5 value
  • Red Rupee – 20 value
  • Purple Rupee – 50 value

What you can do is explore the open world and gather as many items as you can. Upgrade your inventory space and make you only discard items if absolutely necessary.

Another way to get your hands on some promising loot that you can later on sell and make some cash is by taking on against the enemy villages on the way as you explore the map.

Once all the enemies are killed you will find a lot of loot lying around and even chests containing valuable items.

Certain special enemies drop rupee upon killing them as well. For instance the monster X, the glowing rabbit, found in the K village will drop a nice amount of rupees upon being defeated.

The assassins that link the fight when you are exploring the wilder world will also drop some rupees when you kill them.

Ancient materials are also very effective for money farming process!

Go around the Hateno fort which is at the east of Duelling Peaks stable in the Hateno village. You will find Guardians here that drop ancient material when you kill them.

You can also mine mineral ores which are shiny black rocks. Smash these with sledgehammer or any other heavy weapon to reveal the ores.

The glowing blue ores contain luminous stones as well. What you find in these ores can vary but is really rewarding in terms of rupees.

Every item as some value which can add to your money pouch. The first thing you need to do is unlock as much of the map as possible by activating the towers.

This will mark many locations on your map, this will make life a bit easier for you. Find and loot items, complete shrines puzzles to get rewards and come back to sell items to the merchant to get money.

Keep in mind that while farming is easy, getting your hands on Red and Purple Rupee won’t be as convenient.

It is best to spend your money wisely and avoid spending wildly.

Increase inventory space, loot, sell, and you’ll have your bag filled with cash. Another great way to farm money is visit a gambling den in Lurelin Village.

Locate the house across the road from the merchant and head inside to find a bald character.

Place the bet but before you do, save your game. He will hide the money in one of the three chests and he’ll ask you to choose the right chest.

Keep playing if you win but reload of you fail. After every successful round, save your game.

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