Star Wars Jedi: Survivor Chambers Locations

There are a total of seven Jedi Meditation Chambers that you have to find in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor. Here are their locations.

During your journey onto the large map of Star Wars Jedi Survivors, you will come across several hidden areas and some you might have already missed. Such areas are home to one of the most important loots that may help you progress through the main campaign. The Jedi chambers are one of these locations to help you complete the alignment control center puzzle.

The Jedi Meditation chambers consist of optional dungeons that are filled with unique puzzles, enemy encounters, and several perks and rewards to collect.

If you are confused as to how to find all the Survivor Chambers Locations, then you came to the right place as today we will be showing you the locations of all Seven Chamber Locations in Star Wars Jedi Survivors.

Where to find all Chambers in Jedi: Survivor

Take note that the Alignment Control Center Puzzle is linked with each Jedi Chamber location in the game. This is because you have to find the Chambers on Koboh to complete the puzzle.

Each chamber is denoted by a statue on the given seven monitors in the Alignment Control Center. Once you have completed a chamber, the statue becomes green indicating that the chamber has been completed. Below we have listed all the Star Wars Jedi Survivor Chamber locations:

  • Chamber of Duality
  • Chamber of Reason
  • Chamber of Clarity
  • Chamber of Connection
  • Chamber of Detachment
  • Chamber of Fortitude
  • Chamber of Ambidexterity

#1 Chamber of Duality

Chamber of Duality is the first Jedi Chamber you will come across as a part of the main story of Jedi: Survivor. Hence, this is unmissable.

This Chamber is found after encountering Zee. You can find it on Koboh, in Rambler’s Reach Outpost, below the Pyloon’s Saloon.

#2 Chamber of Reason  

The Chamber of Reason is found on Koboh. Simply reach the Basalt Rift area of the Basalt Forest.

Cross the wooden bridge on the left and follow the path to the right towards the metal bridge. Cross the bridge and jump across the gap in between to land on the Chamber.

#3 Chamber of Clarity

The Chamber of Clarity can be found on Koboh, at the Untamed Downs (Rambler’s Reach).

Head to the northern side of the Untamed Downs and climb up to the large rocky structure behind you. Once you have reached the top, you will find the Chamber.

#4 Chamber of Connection

The Chamber of Connect is found on Koboh in Viscid Bog. Use the first cable to slide midway before changing to the cable on the left to reach the area below.

Go through the gap on the large rock and use the cable on the far end to slide to the walkway on top. Follow the path upwards leading you to the Chamber.

#5 Chamber of Detachment  

The Chamber of Detachment is found on Koboh in the Prospector’s Folly Mountain Ascent area. Go through the green shields and drop down to the land below. Enter the tunnel behind the waterfall to find the Chamber.

#6 Chamber of Fortitude  

The Chamber of Fortitude is found on Koboh at the Corroded Silo (Southern Reach). Head up the hill to reach the end of the cliff.

Fly your way to the bottom where you will find a facility. Climb to the top of the facility and open its top to head inside. You will find the Chamber at the bottom of this area.

However, do note that you will come across several guards securing the facility from the inside.

#7 Chamber of Ambidexterity

The Chamber of Ambidexterity is found on Koboh at the Devastated Settlement. You can find it below the settlement on the right side.  However, it is situated in the lower part of the area which cannot be reached directly, and you must fly your way to it.

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