Star Wars Jedi: Survivor Chamber Of Connection Puzzle Solution

Chamber of Connection is one of the optional Jedi Chambers in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor and we can help you find and solve its puzzle.

In Star Wars Jedi Survivor, much of your gameplay time will be spent finding dungeons or Jedi Meditation Chambers and solving puzzles. These chambers offer a brief respite from lightsaber battles, testing your wits with puzzles instead of your blade.

Solving the Chamber of Connection’s puzzles unlocks valuable rewards. Not only will you gain a new perk to enhance your abilities, but you’ll also discover hidden collectibles like echoes and perks.

This guide will help you solve the Chamber of Connection puzzle. We’ll detail its location within the Viscid Bog in Jedi Survivor. We will walk you through the puzzle solution step-by-step and ensure you don’t miss any of the chamber’s hidden treasures.

Where to find Chamber of Connection in Jedi Survivor?

The first thing you need to do is unlock the Lift/Slam ability by rescuing Zee. Then, you must open the map and search for the Meditation Chamber Entrance in Viscid Bog.

Use the zipline in front of you, and when you get near a second zipline below you, drop down to it, and it’ll take you to a small stone entrance. Walk inside and use your zip to get on top of the rock in front of you.

Once on top, go up toward the giant yellow door to fast-travel to the Chamber of Connection.

Star Wars Jedi Survivor Chamber of Connection puzzle solution

When you enter the Chamber of Connections, the first thing you are going to do is grab a collectible (echo) along the left wall.

Once you have it, go straight and stand on the pressure plate in the middle to reveal the orb. Use force-pull on the orb and place it on the coupler behind you to light up its beam.

Now, you will use your Koboh Grinder ability by pressing the D-pad to draw a purple line of Koboh Matter from the laser and draw it to the left on the Vines. This will burn the vines and make a way out for you, having two paths on both sides.

You will find a chest containing Persistence Lightsaber Persistence on the left side of the newly opened path. Then, go to the right path and climb the steep wall using double jumps and in-air dash. From there, you will get the treasure Datadisc.

Head to the other side and jump to the other platform on the second floor near the waterfall. Drag the Kaboh Matter from below and make a path across the wall. Stand on the pressure plates to burn the vines on your right.

Jump to the lower level to the newly opened path and walk across the thin ledge. At the end of the path, you must climb the wall again to get to the higher floor. You will find two echoes here. Open the door to your left, stand on the edge from where you can see the orb below, and drop it down.

Once down, draw a purple line and take it through the path on your left. Walk up the stairs and through the door on the left side (which you opened early), and take the line near the orb holder on the second floor. The flame will stay lit for a few seconds, so hurry to the next step.

Now, you will run to the edge, grab the orb from the main floor, and place it in the orb holder on the second floor. Take the purple line, walk across the bridge to the stairs on the other end, and burn the last vine.

Move into the new room to end your exploration. For doing all the hard work, you will receive a new Perk, Recuperation at the end of Jedi Chamber of Connection.

Collectibles in Chamber of Connection

Here is a list of collectibles you will find in the Chamber of Connections:

  1. Echo: When you enter the main floor, look across the left side to find your first echo.
  2. Chest: On the same floor, use the Kaboh matter to burn the vines on your left side; this will open the path of a secret hidden chest containing Persistence.
  3. Data Disc: When the Kaboh matter clears the path to enter a room on the right, climb the wall, and you will find a Data disc in the corner on top.
  4. Echo: On the lower main floor, follow the parkour path to the room on your left. At the end of the path, you will find an echo.
  5. Echo: On the second floor, jump to where you will find an empty orb holder; there will be an echo on the back of the area.
  6. Perk: After you solve the Chamber of Connection puzzle, you will get a Recuperation Perk from the Jedi Statue.
  7. Echo: You will find the last echo in the same room as Perk.
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