Star Wars Jedi: Survivor Chamber Of Clarity Location And Puzzle Solution

Chamber of Clarity is one of the optional jedi chambers in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor and we can help you complete it with ease.

Jedi Chambers in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor are small dungeons that offer substantial challenges in the form of puzzles. These Jedi Chambers are reminiscent of shrines in Zelda: Breath of the Wild and completing them usually rewards Cal with important upgrades. One such dungeon is the Star Wars Jedi Survivor Chamber of Clarity which holds a unique puzzle but the rewards are worth it.

All the chambers in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor are optional, except for the first Chamber of Duality, and can be found by talking to Toa. As soon as you talk to her upon reaching a new area or a planet, she will mark all the nearby Chambers on Cal’s map.

Chamber of Clarity in Star Wars Jedi Survivor can only be accessed after completing Chamber of Reasons in Gambler’s Reach. Talk to people in Payloon’s Saloon and they will give you a rumor about this new Chamber with an amazing perk as a reward to complete its trial.

Where to find Chamber of Clarity in Jedi Survivor

Chamber of Clarity can be found on Boiling Bluff in Gambler’s Reach on the planet Koboh. From the Meditation point of Boiling Bluff, go left. Keep going left until you come across a gap between two cliffs. Turn left from there and keep going. Keep hugging the wall of the cliffs to the left until you reach a dead end.

Look up and you will see some vines that Cal can climb. The problem here is that you can’t make the jump without the help of a mount, Nekko. Get on your mount, run towards the wall, make Nekko jump and then jump forward to leave the mount.

Climb the vines to reach the ledges. Traverse them to reach another set of vines to the left. Climb these vines to reach to the top. The entrance to the Chamber of Clarity in Jedi Survivor is on the cliff right in front of you. Interact with the lift to enter the chamber.

How to solve Star Wars Jedi Survivor Chamber of Clarity puzzle

The puzzle in Chamber of Clarity of Star Wars Jedi Survivor revolves around Force Push and Force Pull and a little bit of critical thinking. You will be able to find every single collectible from the Chamber of Clarity by following this guide.

You will come across a gap in the first room of the chamber. Look to the bottom left and you will see a block that you can use Force Pull on. Cross the gap using the block and look to your top left. You will get a prompt to remove a metallic plate using the force pull. Don’t go any further.

Turn back and jump down into the hole created by moving the first block. Climb the ledge here and once again drop down to receive a datadisc.

You can’t come back the same way you went down. Climb the ledge again and start wall running. You need to run on both walls at least three times to reach the next platform. A Force Echo, Tenacity, awaits right in from of you. Interact with it to unlock the memory.

Keep going forward until you reach another chasm with two movable blocks on opposite walls. This is a tricky one and needs quick reflexes. Pull the first block and jump on it. Quickly pull the other one and move to it. Using it as a platform, jump to the next area of the room.

Keep going forward and open the container to get a weapon material, Unique Non-metal. Jump down to reach the very first area of the Chamber of Clarity in Jedi Survivor.

The door to the next area seems inaccessible and it is for now. Look to your right and pull another block with vines to climb. Use the force again on the block to make it go back to its original position. Climb the vines and ride the block to the next area.

Make sure to move to the front of the block to avoid death by getting crushed. Turn right and pull out another block. The vines on this block allow you to climb to its top.

Instead of climbing the block, look into the empty chamber from where you pulled the block to obtain second Force Echo, Trials. Now pull the block again and climb the vines to reach its top. Another Force Echo, Concentrated Effort, can be seen right in front. Double jump to cross the gap and interact with it to unlock the third memory.

Turn around and keep going straight. You will come across another gap with a wall that Cal can run. Reach the door on the other side by using Cal’s wall run ability. Look to your right and you will see a prompt to remove another lid from an opening. Use Force push on it. Drop down and you will come across two movable blocks in this area of the Chamber of Clarity.

Don’t move the block to your left yet. Pull the one in the far end of the room. Climb it using the vines and make your way to the opening you just created (double jump). Interact with the final Force Echo of Chamber of Clarity, A Candid Moment. Push the block in this area to open the path for Cal.

Look down the gap from where you arrived and you will again see those two blocks. Remove the one you moved to make your way up here. Now pull the second one and turn back to drop on the block you just pushed away from this area. You will see a wooden beam that Cal can climb.

Climb on it using double jump from the top of the block and wait for the moving block to reach in front of you. Jump on the block and make your way across to reach the final area of the Chamber of Clarity. Interact with the altar to get a Fellowship perk as a reward, which allows BD-1 to acquire another Stim vial.

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