Star Wars Jedi: Survivor Chamber Of Reason Location And Puzzle Solution

Chamber of Reason is the hidden Jedi chamber in the Basalt Rift area of Star Wars Jedi Survivor and we can help you solve it.

Jedi Chambers are like dungeons in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor and relics of the bygone High Republic era. Completing these Jedi meditation chambers is optional but they reward you with a nice Perk at the end. As you are following the story, you will reach the Forest Array in Jedi Survivor. This is where Toa will give you the side quest for the Jedi Chamber of Reason. We have prepared this guide to help you with the Star Wars Jedi Survivor Chamber of Reason location and the puzzle that awaits within.

Where to find the Chamber of Reason

jedi survivor chamber of reason location

Head to the Basalt Rift, as shown on the map above. As you are there, you will see a door to the chamber. However, you will not be able to open the door; you will need Koboh Turner to open the door.

Koboh Turner is a reward that you get for completing the Chamber of Duality in Rambler’s Reach Outpost, so complete this chamber before attempting the Chamber of Reason.

How to solve Star Wars Jedi: Survivor Chamber of Reason puzzle

After you enter the Chamber of Reason, you will see a rope ahead. Use the rope to reach the lower level. On this platform, you will see a blue socket to your left, a lever, and an orb in the small space ahead.

Pull the lever using the Force to adjust the blue socket into a new position. Furthermore, pull the Orb to put in the blue socket. A purple beam is an indication that the Orb is in the perfect place. It will form a bridge.

jedi survivor chamber of reason

Break the wall at the end of the bridge to get your hands on another Orb. Using the Force Pull the Orb and take it back to your previous location. Drop the Orb and pull the lever again.


It will place the blue into its original position. Cross the newly built bridge with the Orb. On the right corner, Sense the echo to learn about the secret.

Get to the platform on your right while holding the Orb. In this new platform, you will see a lever and a blue socket again. By the lever, Sense the echo to learn about another secret.

Using Force, push the lever to shift the blue socket to a new position and put it in the Orb that you were carrying before to build the bridge. As you’re walking on the bridge, look to your right, and you will see the Orb that places at the start.

Pull the Orb and place the Orb in the blue socket in the new location and push the lever to lift this platform upward. Walk straight, and ahead you will see a blue light glowing. Sense this echo to learn about the new secret of the chamber.

Sprint to your left, and you will see a drawing on the wall to your right. Scan the drawing to earn a skill point. Walk straight, and you will find a data disc near the dead end. Grab this disc and return to the place where you sense the echo in this platform.

Cross the previously built bridge to get to the platform that you lifted using the lever before. As you are in this new platform, Force Pull on the socket and throw the Orb in the new socket ahead to build the bridge, as shown in the image below.

Cross this new bridge, and you will see a Force essence to your left. Interact with this essence to get the Dexterity perk. Turn around, and you will see a lever on the wall, as shown in the image below. To build another bridge, Force Push on the lever ahead.

Walk straight on the area across the bridge, and a door will open. Use the elevator in the room to exit the Chamber of Reason, and you have successfully completed the puzzle in the Chamber of Reason.

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