Star Wars Jedi: Survivor Chamber Of Detachment Location and Puzzle Solution

Star Wars Jedi Survivor Chamber of Detachment is a relatively precise yet confusing chamber on Planet Koboh. Unlike other chambers, it ...

Star Wars Jedi Survivor Chamber of Detachment is a relatively precise yet confusing chamber on Planet Koboh. Unlike other chambers, it has only one large room with two huge blocks as major puzzle pieces and does not involve many mystery rooms or doors to open.

However, interestingly many of our fellow gamers have found it hard to solve this Jedi Chamber’s puzzles. That’s why we have crafted this comprehensive guide to help you explore the Chamber of Detachment easily.

Where to find Chamber of Detachment in Jedi Survivor

If you have received the Rumor known as Explore the High Republic Chamber on the Mountain, following the Rumor marker on your map will take you to the Chamber. If that is not the case, you can refer to the guidelines as under.

This Jedi Chamber is located in the Mountain Ascent area of Prospector’s Folly. You must have unlocked the ability to pass through Green Doors before trying to move any further. Otherwise, these barriers will block your way forward.

After carefully passing through the barriers, look below the ridge for a waterfall on the other side. Use the grapple ability or double jump to reach the area below. The Chamber of Detachment entrance is right at the backside of the waterfall.

How to solve Star Wars Jedi Survivor Chamber of Detachment puzzle

After entering the Chamber, the circular elevator will accompany you down the wet floor. On your immediate left, read the symbols to receive Force Echo: A Rare Find. Now, get through the narrow pathway to reach the actual puzzle room. Initially, you will see only a huge rocky block with a blue spinning plate in the center.

Use Force Pull to bring the huge block toward you and move aside from the rails. When you spot an orb behind it, pull it from inside the wall. Head to the previous area and place the orb in the orb container on the right wall of the Chamber (Although it is your left side currently).

Doing so will cause a purple laser beam from the orb container to the opposite wall. The laser emission occurs periodically for a few seconds. Use BD-1’s Grinder in Star Wars Jedi Survivor ability to make some Koboh Matter and draw it on the side of the block.

Now pull the block to bring it in front of the laser, which will start burning the matter instantly. Just make sure there is enough matter for this purpose.

The timing of the laser hitting the block must be such that the Koboh Matter keeps burning until it meets the other side of the wall with Vines. The flames will burn the Vines, too, revealing another similar block from behind. Force Pull this block and move inside the wall area to get BD-1 Material: Jedi Paint.

Lastly, you will see a square lift similar to the blocks. Your goal is to Pull the block closer to the lift. Time your pull so that when the lift reaches the ground, the block gets over the lift. This may take some time and make you struggle but do not lose hope.

While the block starts moving above, pull the other one and use it to climb on the higher block. Finally, climb the area above to finish the Chamber of Detachment puzzle. The reward for all the hard of your mind will be given in the shape of a new Perk in Jedi Survivor, Patience.

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