Star Wars Jedi: Survivor Cantina Recruits Locations

Filling the cantina in Star Wars Jedi Survivor with new people requires hiring some recruits and we can provide you their locations.

When you first enter Pyloon’s Saloon in Rambler’s Reach Outpost of Star Wars Jedi Survivor, you will notice that it is quite empty in terms of customers as well as employees. Over the course of the game, Cal will have the opportunity to find and hire recruits for the Cantina in Jedi Survivor.

There are a number of NPCs scattered all across Koboh and Shattered Moon who you can recruit to work at Pyloon’s Saloon. This guide will help you find these NPCs and brief information on how you can hire these Star Wars Jedi Survivor Cantina recruits.

Where to find all recruits for the Saloon in Star Wars Jedi Survivor

There are 11 NPCs that you can recruit to the Cantina, named Pyloon’s Saloon in Jedi Survivor. These are of course spread all across the world and though some are easy to find and recruit, others are somewhat difficult to find and recruit to the Cantina on Rambler’s Reach Outpost.

In general, when you find an NPC, you can talk to them, and you will get the option to send them back to Rambler’s Reach Outpost to go to the Cantina. If you are having a hard time finding some of the NPCs, you can talk to the customers and people at Cantina and they will give you a hint about the locations of the other NPCs as Rumors.

Recruiting all the NPCs to Cantina will allow players to unlock the Max Capacity trophy and achievement.

How to recruit Pit Droid

Pit Droid is initially found in Chapter 2 but you recruit it after Chapter 4. You cannot recruit him in your first encounter.

To recruit Pit Droid, progress to Chapter 4 and unlock the Lift and Slam ability. With this ability, return to the Gorge Crash Site. Here, you need to lift the ship at the crash site out of the tar pit. This opens up the path allowing the droid to get to the Saloon. This also unlocks the There is No Try trophy.

How to recruit Mosey and Turgle

Both of these are the easiest NPCs to recruit. You find both of them directly outside the Cantina in Jedi Survivor, and you recruit them through a cutscene. Both of them are unmissable and recruiting them is a part of the story.

How to recruit Toa

Toa is found in Chapter 2. You find her in Basalt Rift. As you are traveling through the Forest Array, you find her at her camp in the forest. you can talk to her and persuade her to head to Pyloon’s Saloon Cantina where she will be safe and sound.

How to recruit Caij

Caij is found in Chapter 3 in the Devastated Settlement. Defeat the Haxion Brood bounty hunter and Caij will appear, asking you to find other bounty hunters and eliminate them.

How to recruit Bhima and Tulli

Both Bhima and Tulli are found in Chapter 3 at the Boiling Bluff. Progress through the game and you will get to the Boiling Bluff meditation point. Here, you need to fight the Mogu and kill him. This will allow you to talk to both Bhima and Tulli.

Recruiting these NPCs will also unlock the Holotactics minigame at Pyloon’s Saloon, making them crucial for the Gambler trophy.

How to recruit Pili Walde

Wili can be found in the Blustery Mesa area in Jedha. During your time in Jedha, you get to a room that is filled with overgrown Ivy. Here, you can find Pili and recruit her for the cantina. Pili fills the role of the cantina’s gardener. She is a requirement for the Growth Spurt trophy.

How to recruit Skoova

Skoova is found in Chapter 5, in the Foothill Falls of the Koboh region. Here, Skoova can be found sitting on a fishing boat near the lake. You can talk to him directly to recruit him. Skoova is a requirement for finding all the fish in Jedha and Koboh.

How to recruit Jawas

To recruit Jawa, you need to complete the parkour challenge near the Bygone Settlement Meditation point. This challenge cannot be completed without the Air Dash ability and the Upgrades Ascension Cable ability.

With these abilities, head to the meditation point and complete the challenge. This challenge will directly lead you to Jawa where you can recruit him.

How to recruit Ashe Javi and DD-EX

Found in the Harvest Ridge region of the game. Initially, the path to Harvest Ridge is blocked by a Red Block. After you move the block, head down into the ridge and follow the small stream that’s flowing south. The path takes you to a barn near the Riverbed Watch. Both the NPCs can be found here near the barn.

How to recruit Zygg Soza and Wini Eres

Zygg Soza and Wini Eres are found in the Viscid Bog in Koboh. Both of them are found then the Viscid Bog Meditation Point. You need to complete their request to recruit them to the cantina. You are tasked with recovering a lost tablet for them.

Once you find and return the tablet, both Zygg and Wini will go to Pyloon’s Saloon.

How to recruit T-1N8

T-1N8 is found in the Foothill Falls in Koboh. Head to the abandoned shack here that you get to by gliding on the Relter. There is a staircase leading you down into the Phon’Qi Caverns. T-1N8 can be found in the caverns under the shack.

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