Star Wars Jedi: Survivor Koboh Seed Pod Locations

Populating the garden in Star Wars Jedi Survivor requires finding and planting seeds from all over Koboh and we have their locations.

The planet Koboh in Star Wars Jedi Survivor consists of 10 different flowers that you need to plant for the garden area on the rooftop of the Saloon. The garden is run by Pili Walde and after recruiting her as one of your allies for the Saloon, you will have the option to find these Star Wars Jedi Survivor Koboh seed pods and plant them.

However, you cannot plant the seeds in the Garden until you have reached the “Check on the Mantis” objective in Koboh where you will speak to Zee. You will get more plots unlocked where you can plant the seeds once all the 10 plants are fully grown, allowing you to earn the Growth Spurt achievement.

Star Wars Jedi: Survivor Koboh Seed Pods Locations

As you are playing Stars Wars Jedi: Survivor, during Chapter 4, you will pass through Blustery Mesa territory on Jeddha. Here, you will see Pili Walde and to find seed pods to plant in the garden area in Koboh you need to recruit her to your team. Once recruited you can then find her on Cantina’s rooftop.

After recruiting her, you need to find a seed pod for each plant and then grow the plants in the garden area at Pylon’s Saloon. There are 154 seed pods in Star Wars Jedi; Survivor but you don’t need to find them all. Most of these are just different variants of the 10 main plants and simply finding and planting these 10 plant seeds in Star Wars Jedi Survivor will earn you the Growth Spurt achievement.

Here are the locations for the Koboh Seed Pods for all 10 different plant categories in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor:

Tuber Maw Seed Pod

Tuber Maw can be found near the Southern Ridge. To find this, head to the top of the hill, and from there take the left path and go down. As you are going down, you will see a barn towards your right. Near the barn, you will find a green-reddish silo. The seed is located right next to this silo.

Spine Fluff Seed Pod

This one is also found in the Southern Ridge. First, go to the meditation point. From there, climb up and from the top fly the Relter and go to the stone island located at the bottom of Southern Ridge. Here, you will find a seed pod for Spine Fluff.

Bluebell Squish Seed Pod

Bluebell Squish is another Seed Pod in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor that you can come to collect from the Southern Ridge. Similar, to the Spine Fluff, climb up from the meditation point. Then as you are coming down taking the left path you will find the Bluebell Squish Seed pod near the Relter.

Palm Fruit Shell Seed Pod

You can find Palm Fruit Shell Seed Pod in the Harvest Ridge area. Go to the heart of the Harvest Ridge area. Here you will find a grate on the ground. The seed pod will be located on ridges near it.

Koboh Spiker Seed Pod

You can find Koboh Spiker Seed Pod near Summit Ridge. From the meditation point, use an orange balloon. You will see the seed pod towards your left as you land.

Pine Fern Seed Pod

This Hunter’s Quarry in Koboh is a hometown for many Pine Fern Seed Pods. First, go to Rambler’s Reach Outpost meditation point. Then from there, climb up, and after reaching the top look towards a yellow façade. You will find seed pods as you move towards it.

Fire Pineapple Seed Pod

You can find this seed pod in Gorge Crash Site near the elevator. First, go to the meditation point, then move towards the elevator as you see it. You will find the Seed pod on your way.

Cactus Ball Seed Pod

Similar to Fire Pineapple Seed Pod, this is also located near the Gorge Crash Site.

Goldenlight Moss Seed Pod

To find this seed pod you need to head towards Rambler’s Reach Outpost. First, go to the meditation point, and from there go towards the stables. Then head towards Swindler’s Wash. From there, start running first over the wall, then jump onto the ledge and finally move through marshes.

After this, jump where you find the gap, and on the other side you will find a seed pod.

Crimson Jelly Spire

To find the Crimson Jelly Spire head towards the Devastated Settlement. Head towards the ledge you can see on the left side from the Meditation Point. That is where you will find this Seed pod.

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