How To Get More Bounty Pucks In Star Wars Jedi: Survivor

Bounty Pucks are a currency in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor that you can spend for new light saber materials, blaster upgrades, and cosmetics.

Bounty Pucks are one of the few in-game currencies in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor. These can be obtained once you complete a bounty hunt by defeating the targets given to you by Caij.

You can then trade in these Bounty Pucks to upgrade your blaster and buy cosmetic items; however, you will have to be patient since Caij will not trade them in immediately.

Where to find more Bounty Pucks for Caij in Jedi: Survivor

You can begin collecting Bounty Pucks by completing Bounty Hunter missions after you have unlocked Bounty Hunter Board. There will be 17 Bounty Hunter Missions in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor, 14 of which are regular bounties and the remaining three are legendary ones.

You’re first Bounty Hunt takes place whilst playing the On the Trail mission. By this time the Star War Jedi Survivor story will lead you back to the planet Koboh.

In this quest, you are introduced to Bounty hunters and soon after beating your very first target, a Haxioon Brood member, you receive a Bounty Puck.

You’ll need to scan the Bounty targets once they are killed to actually obtain the Bounty Puck. After you collect your first Bounty Puck, you’ll meet Caij who will not only show the locations for bounty targets but also trade in your Pucks for cosmetics and weapon materials.

You will then be taken to her shop which you can then find at Pyloon’s Saloon. At random instances, you may also run into a Bounty target yourself while progressing in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor.

The locations for all 17 bounty targets are listed below defeating each one will earn you one Bounty Puck and a total of 17 for defeating everyone.

Korej LimIn planet Kobo at the Stone Spires inside the Devastated Settlement.
Meyen CorrOn planet Kobo, this one is at Rambler’s Reach inside the Boiling Buff.
Gatt MedoIn Coruscant, at the Freight Handling Depot of the Undercity Industry.
MashAt the Shattered Moon, inside the Cargo Loading Deck.
Kle-OIn the II-0810 Satellite Station’s Hanger Bay.
Fenn FinauSame location as Kle-O.
Masi FinauFought alongside Kle-O and Fenn Finau.
Corde the HalfFound in Jedha, at the Ancient Ruins’ Hall of Ranvell.
PR-85 The Other HalfSame location as Corde the Half.
YuhongIn Jedha in the Narkis Desert, past the Path of Restoration.
Kip OstarOn the planet Koboh, in the Dredger Gorge’s Derelict Dam.
RazIn the Basalt Forest Array of the planet Koboh.
Selfin JookInside the Mountain Observatory of the planet Koboh.
Vaslyn MartzOn planet Koboh, found at the Fogged Expanse in the Prospector’s Folly.
Kili OsoLegendary Bounty. Found in Jedha at the Pilgrim Sanctuary temple.
Jo the CannibalLegendary Bounty. In the Yurt Barrack of the planet Koboh.
CaijLegendary Bounty unlocked after completing the previous bounties, you need to talk to Caij first. Bounty is found in the Devastated Settlements, at the Stone Spires.  

In Star Wars Jedi Survivor, completing these Bounty Hunter Missions will not only earn you Bounty Pucks, but once you complete all of them you will also unlock the Caij Match trophy.

How to use Bounty Pucks at Caij’s Shop

You will unlock Caij’s shop after you take out your first Bounty target during the mission On the Trail. The shop can be accessed in the Pyloon’s Saloon.

You can bring your Bounty Pucks to Caij at her shop and trade them in for all sorts of items which include weapon and light saber materials, blaster upgrades, and cosmetics.

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