Star Wars Jedi: Survivor Aquarium Fish Locations

There are 12 different fishes that you can find in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor for the Cantina Aquarium and to unlock an achievement.

Restoring the beauty of the aquarium inside the Cantina is one of several quests that you need to complete in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor. This requires you to catch 12 different fish in the game.

To catch each one, you have to take help from an NPC named Skoova. You can find the guy sitting on his boat by moving toward the Foothills Fall area located in Koboh. Start a conversation with the guy, and he will agree to do the catching for you in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor.

When you catch all 12 fishes for the aquarium, you will unlock the Skoova Diving achievement as well in case you are looking for a 100 percent completion playthrough.

However, some of these fish locations can be a bit tricky to find.

Where to find all fish locations in Jedi: Survivor

Take note that you will not be able to catch your first fish until Chapter 5. The game will guide you toward your first catch automatically as part of the quest to restore the Cantina’s aquarium.

See Fish

The See Fish is in the same area where you first meet with Skoova in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor. You need to move toward the Foothill Falls in the Koboh region, and there you will find the guy waiting for you.

After recruiting him, initiate a conversation with Skoova, and he will go down the water to catch the first fish for you in the game.

Viscid Lurker

From the location of the See First, you need to move north toward a blue hut to catch Viscid Lurker in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor. Exploring the Phon’Qi Caverns of Koboh leads you toward your following catch.

To get this fish, you must go past all the puffer acid enemies by moving down through the ledges inside the cave. Be careful, as you will find several kamikaze grenades inside the path, so keep rushing toward your target by ignoring the enemies.

At the bottom of the cave, you will find Skoova with his boat. He will jump inside the small pool to get the second fish in the game.

Fingerlip Garpon

The Fingerlip Garpon is an easy catch compared to most other fishes in Stars War Jedi: Survivor.

To meet Skoova with the next fish, you must move past the Rambler’s Reach Outpost of Koboh. You just have to move north toward the edge of the area for a bit to find the guy waiting for you with the next fish.

Barbed Hookfish

You can get the Barbed Hookfish by moving south from the Fingerlip Garpon location toward the Smuggler’s Tunnels inside Koboh.

Once inside, just make your way toward the water below, and you will find Skoova ready for his next hunt there.

Mee Fish

Another fish found in the region of Koboh is Mee Fish. You have to move toward the Mountain Ascent by crossing all the green laser gates. Make your way toward the right-side bridge and jump on the ledge after crossing it. There you will see Skoova with the next catch.

Frilled Newt

You can find this fish by moving toward the Meditation Point of George Crash Site in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor. This location is also inside Koboh, and once you are there, move northwest on the left side of the wooden bridge to find the boat of Skoova.      

Blue-Finned Crayfish

You can find the Blue-Finned Crayfish by riding the creature found next to the Meditation Point of Nekko Pools.

You need to reach the Bygone Settlement area, and the beast will take you precisely toward it. After crossing a small gate, you will find Skoova at the edge of a pool. Waiting with another fish for your aquarium.

Big-Mouth Flea

The Big-Mouth Flea can be caught after defeating the Chapter 5 boss in the game. You need to reach the cavern from the boss’s location by taking the elevators.

Now you will come across a zipline that you can use to get to the room that contains Skoova. So having a new conversation with him will Bag you another fish in the game.


Make your way toward the Viscid Bog area in Koboh, where you will find this fish easily in Jedi Survivor. From the Meditation Point, jump toward the wooden tent and turn left. There you will see Skoova’s boat ready for another fish.

Blinding Rayfish

In the Devastated Settlement of Koboh, you will find the Blinding Rayfish. You can access Skoova by gliding the creature found next to the meditation point of Grand Court.

Keep looking downward to locate your fisherman so you do not miss him while floating through the air.


The Snakefish takes you toward the Jedah region in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor. Once there, move straight before turning right from the Meditation Point. Skoova will be waiting for you, and a conversation with him will provide you with another fish.

Faintailed Laa

For the last fish, you must solve a door puzzle inside the Crypt of Uhrma in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor. The Crypt is found in Jedha, and you need to move up from the Crypt Meditation point. Make your way past the door and jump across the area on your right-hand side.

You need to move down from there to reach the Crypt of Uhrma. Here you must solve the door puzzle by aligning 1-4 in the first row and 5-8 in the second row of the door.

Lastly, you have to pull the combination of 1-4-6-7, and you will be ready to go inside the secret area. There you will find Skoova and the last fish for your Aquarium.

With this, your search for all the fish in the game will end, and you will unlock the Skoova diving trophy in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor.

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