How to Have Perfect Children in Crusader Kings 3

In this Crusader Kings 3 guide, we will give you all the insight into having the Perfect children and raise the best possible heir so that they may one day be able to rule your crusader kingdom.

How to Have Perfect Children in Crusader Kings 3

In CK3 you don’t play as one character but instead, take control of a dynasty.

The only way to ensure your family’s meteoric rise is by having characters with a strong set of traits and stats.

In this guide, we will tell you exactly How to have the Perfect Offspring in Crusader Kings 3.

Producing Perfect Offsprings in CK3

Understand marriage compatibility!
You should always try to marry the two individuals who have the highest level of the trait that you want in the baby.

For instance, in the case of intellect, if you have two individuals, both with the genius trait, marry them off. They are very likely to have a baby with a genius trait.


If the trait of a particular aspect, say intellect, is the same in two individuals but it’s not of the highest level, then there’s a 50% chance that their offspring will have the upgraded level of that trait.

It means that if two intelligent individuals are married, there’s a ½ probability that they’ll end up having a genius child.

In case that the child doesn’t show the desired trait, it means that the trait you’re looking for is “inactive”.

When the child grows up, marry him to someone with the same trait which is inactive and their offspring will contain that trait.

Kick-start your dynasty with the right traits!
Make sure you start off your dynasty with the individuals having beautiful and fecund traits.

This is because these features have multiple levels that go on for at least a couple of generations.

Given that you have the Blood Legacy Perk if you want to introduce a new favorable trait into your lineage, beautiful and fecund traits will certainly fulfill your ambition, giving you a whole lot of babies with useful traits.

Use Knights and Councilors to bring in new traits!
You can also marry your children with those of knights and councilors to produce offspring with new, useful traits. This will also avoid too much inbreeding.

However, you must ensure that the ‘pet’ dynasties that you create have jobs. Else, they’ll get separated from you.

Keep the religious factor in mind!
Furthermore, in religions where multiple spouses are permitted can be much beneficial for trait breeding as compared to religions that allow concubines.

You can choose your spouse according to the trait that you want to be passed on to your child while in concubines are restricted to your own court.

This means that if have multiple spouses, you’ll certainly get the desired trait/traits in all of your children.

Always know your characters’ whereabouts!
Finally, you need to keep track of your in-game characters in the court to make sure that they’re all married and are producing babies with favorable traits.

Pinning is one of the best ways you can keep tabs on your characters with good traits as it allows you to monitor their progress and marry them off at the right time.

Raising Children

Hire a Guardian
As soon as your child is born, assign him a Guardian (Educator) for educational purposes.

Make sure that the Guardian is well-versed in the area in which you want your child to excel.

Try to earn as much Base Skill Points as possible!
At each birthday of your child, the Crusader Kings 3 franchise commemorates the event by awarding your child with Base Skills on a scale from 0 to 4.

The number of Base Skills that you receive is completely independent of the skill level of the Guardian that your child was assigned and depends on random factors.

You don’t have to worry if your child doesn’t earn the desired Base Skill points, you can go back in time and simply go over the whole birthday celebration again given that you’ve saved the game in the days leading to the birthday.

If you have a backup with only a few days difference, it is highly likely that your child will get the same Base Skill points again.

However, a backup of 10 to 12 days enhances your child’s chances of receiving a better result.

First Childhood Trait
Once your child is 3, he gets his first Childhood Trait.

Again, it is completely independent of the Guardian and if you don’t like the trait, simply roll back in time using the backup feature until your child has the trait that you want.

However, don’t miss out on your child’s first trait as it is directly related to his Education Focus which your child gets at the age of 6.

Talking about Education Focus, it’s one of the skills that your child obtains as a result of the first childhood trait.

You have the option to adjust this skill according to your desire but only once. So, act wisely!

Personality Traits
On turning 9, 11, and 13, your child gets one unique Personality Trait each time. You can hardly control which Personality Trait that your child gets since it shows up at random time during the respective years and you can’t predict when to make a backup.

Education Trait – Strive for those Skill Points!
Once your child turns 16, his Childhood Trait gets removed and he receives the Education Trait.

The stars on the Education Trait depend on the total amount of base skill points that your child received during the 16-year course of education or the number of skill points you had your focus on.

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