Crusader Kings 3 Dynasty Guide

Our Crusader Kings 3 Dynasty, Legacies & Houses Guide will guide you through the complete procedure and all the perks...

Our Crusader Kings 3 Dynasty, Legacies & Houses Guide will guide you through the complete procedure and all the perks of a well-established Dynasty.

A Dynasty in Crusader Kings III is managed by several Houses with one house being the Founding House. The head of a Dynasty holds the Dynasty Legacies which affect all the members of the Dynasty.

Crusader Kings 3 Dynasty

A Dynasty in CK3 represents a tree of the Landed Character who founded the Dynasty. These Dynasties are like large clans dominating the political landscape of territories under them.

There exist multiple houses in a Dynasty, all striving to culminate their Dynasty’s one way or another.

There are these Renown points that affect the Renown of a Dynasty. These points or in general the Renown of a Dynasty is affected by the following factors:

  • Number of current living members of a dynasty
  • Number of dynasty members who are married to rulers
  • Number of non-vassal rulers of a dynasty member

Houses & Houses Heads

A Dynasty consists of various Houses whereas one of them is the Founding House. Usually, a Dynasty is named after the Founding House of the Dynasty.

Each House of a Dynasty has its own motto and name usually related to the location or foundation of the House.

They have all distinct coats of arms whose two quarters are copied from the Dynasty Coat of Arms.

The most powerful member of the house is appointed as House Head. They have the powers to convert their house’s faith, legitimize bastards and call House members to war.

However, if the members of the house refuse to convert their faith, it will result in the formation of a new Cadet Branch.

The Cadet Branch can be created by someone with no ancestors alive, having sufficient prestige and being blood-related to the current House head.

But, the Cadet Branch creator will not be able to evade decisions of their House head if the House head is from the founding house and hence is also the Dynasty head or the House head is Dynasty head due to his power.

Dynasty Head & Dynasty Legacies

The Dynasty Head is the most powerful House head among all the Houses. Pretty much all the control, renown and Dynasty Legacies are under the command of the Dynasty Head.

A thing to know about the Dynasty head is that if the current Dynasty head dies a natural health, the most powerful House head of the Dynasty will become the new Dynasty head.

The Dynasty Legacies are buffs for all dynasty members and are everlasting.

Though these permanent modifiers can only be unlocked by the Dynasty Heads, they affect all the members of the Dynasty.

There are multiple tiers of the Dynasty legacies and each tier requires the previous one to be unlocked first.

Besides, each Legacy costs about 1000 to 5000 renown, depending upon the tier.

Here is a complete chart of all the perks and tiers or Legacies:

Legacy Tier 1 Tier 2 Tier 3 Tier 4 Tier 5
Warfare House of Warriors: +2 Prowess Generational Brilliance: -20% casus belli cost Squire Traditions: +10% monthly martial experience Inherited Tactics: +5 advantage Private Army: +1 max men-at-arms regiments
Law Mostly Fair: +5 popular opinion Faithful Magistrates: +0.2 control growth/month Power and Prosperity: +10% monthly stewardship experience Delegated Authority: +5 powerful vassal opinion Home Estates: +1 domain limit
Guile Ominous Reputation: +20% dread gain Long Reach: +10 hostile scheme success Natural Schemers: +10% monthly intrigue experience Venial: -0.05 monthly tyranny Family Connections: 77% lesser murder in family
Blood +30% Chance to inherit good congenital traits +30% Chance of congenital traits +30% Chance to reinforce congenital traits -30% Chance to inherit bad congenital traits Architected Ancestry: Select a specific congenital trait Octogenarians: +5 years life expectancy
Erudition Vibrant Court: +10 courtier and guest opinion Ordained Ruler ship: +10% piety Treasured Knowledge: +10% monthly learning experience True Believers: +5 clergy opinion Bureaucrats: +10% progress and councillor skill impact on tasks
Glory Desirable Match: +30 marriage acceptance Renowned Name: +10% monthly prestige Earning Respect: +10% monthly diplomacy experience 20% Short Reign Duration +10 General Opinion
Kin Bounteous Loins: +10% fertility Dynasty members get better education +10 Spouse Opinion Fewer pregnancy complication +5 Dynasty Opinion +30% Personal Scheme Success on Dynasty members +1 Random skill each year Prowess doesn’t decrease with age