Crusader Kings 3 Faith and Culture Guide

This guide will explain the mechanics of adopting faith and culture to your states in Crusader Kings 3 and the benefits of doing so

Crusaders Kings 3 is all about conquering new territories and managing to rule over them. This guide of ours will describe the complete working principle of Crusader Kings 3 Faith and Culture gameplay mechanics.

The guide will also guide you through the conversion of faith and culture process that is required after conquering new territories.

Crusader Kings 3 Faith and Culture

Faith and Culture are two very distinct identities of humans and the game has taken this reality very well into account.

In CK3, Faith and Culture can have a profound impact on how you govern.

Below we have explained both Crusader Kings III Faith and Culture as well as their adoption methods in detail.


In Crusaders Kings 3, your character has a specific Faith that determines the kind of God(s) he believes in and the way of life he adopts accordingly.

The Faith Icon is shown in the lower left hand of the UI. The symbol is different for each kind of Faith you follow.

You can click this icon to know more about your faith like the head of your faith, basic principles, character traits and marriage, crime and clergy doctrines.

There is yet a complete world order in terms of faith. You will have different choices available for different faiths and likewise different results or consequences.

Some of the Faiths are natural enemies and you can hence opt for Holy Wars with the oppositions and earn piety for such things instead of utilizing it.

Finally, you must note that if you are from a faith that has less followers or power, you should not engage in fights over faith quite often or you will unwantedly lose a lot.

Converting Population to Your Faith
Now in the field of Faith, you will have to face a lot of problems controlling or ruling over a group of people who are from different faiths.

This is why you will need to convert the people to your own faith. Converting people to your faith will not only enhance your control over them, but they will also start respecting you and treating you more like a ruler.

So in order to convert the faith of the people of a specific territory, command your councilor to work with the people. But just like in real life, converting faith in Crusader Kings 3 is also pretty difficult and time-consuming.

The general or average time span that you should be willing to dedicate to the conversion of faith of a territory is about a decade.

Some specific events might quicken the process, but it shall still remain a pretty tedious job by the end of the day.

Besides, there is a very scarce chance of rebellion from a population that has the same faith as yours and hence making it easy for you or your vassals to retain control and power.


Same as Faith, culture is also a very distinct identification agent in CK3.

Your culture is defined by the territory you are from and also describes how much control you will have over other people.

The information about the culture of your character is shown in the lower left-hand side of the screen by a candle symbol.

Click on the symbol to know about the head of your culture, the fascinations of your culture, learned technologies and overall progress in each field.

The main use of Culture is in the form of building or maintaining control and power over people.

For example, if you are from the Norse culture, most of the rulers will be naturally negative about you and hence against you.

Now as told earlier, if the countries or territories under your control do not share the same culture as yours, it will be pretty hard for you to retain control.

Neither will they pay you much tax, nor will you receive as many levies as possible due to the cultural differences of your ruled territory.

This is where the necessity of conversion of the culture of your ruled territory is felt.

So, in order to initiate the process of conversion of culture, command your steward to convert the difference in culture population of your country to your culture.

The general job definition of the steward is to look after your finance and infrastructure. But you can go to your council management page and select the steward on the right side in the middle.

Assign the steward the culture conversion job from here and wait for up to 5 to 7 years for the culture to change colors.

Besides, you should also know that stewards with high stewardship scores will likely take lesser time to convert people than those with lower stewardship scores.

Hence you should assign the tasks to higher ones if your country is being rebellious and it is becoming hard for you to retain control.