How to Get Royal Greatsword In Elden Ring

You can eventually get Royal Greatsword from Ranni the Witch’s guardian, Blaidd. After following a series of steps, you can get this sword.

Elden Ring allows you to experiment with different weapons and equipment to make your favorite builds and wipe out your enemies. Among the variety of all these weapons, Colossal Swords such as Royal Greatsword are some of the most strength-oriented ones you can have your hands on in the game.

Royal Greatsword is an amazing Carian-styled sword that belongs to Ranni the Witch’s guardian, Blaidd. This melee armament scales primarily with Strength and Intelligence, with a minor scaling in Dexterity. As a result, the build made from this weapon becomes decently flexible and provides high damage output.

Royal Greatsword Location in Elden Ring

As we know, Royal Greatsword is used by Blaidd in his battles. It is only possible to get your hands on this weapon after defeating its wielder at Ranni’s Rise, a place situated in the northwest of Liurnia of the Lakes.

Below is the map location of Ranni’s Rise/ Tower where you are supposed to encounter Blaidde and get his sword.

To obtain the Royal Greatsword, you have to accept and complete a series of quests given by Blaidd. Below is the summary of the steps to pursue the objectives of Blaidd’s questline.

  • Obtain the Finger Snap Gesture from Kale, a Merchant that happens to appear inside the Church of Elleh.
  • Head to Mistwood Ruins to see Blaidd relaxing on top of the ruins. Using the Finger Snap Gesture, you can make Blaidd come down and chat with you. He will discuss a man named Darriwil with you and ask you to search for him.
  • Now, you can go to Forlorn Hound Evergoal and call on Blaidd for your assistance to defeat Bloodhound Knight Darriwil. Blaidd will then send you to speak with War Counselor Iji, who can be met at the Manor Site of Grace.
  • Before proceeding any further, make sure to start Ranni’s questline and meet her servant Blaidd at Siofra River. During your talk with him at this point, he will ask you to visit Seluvis, followed by a meeting with Sorceress Sellen.
  • Go back to Siofra River and talk with Blaidd again. This time, he will ask you to meet him at a festival in Redmane Castle. After that, you will have to defeat Starscourge Radahn along with your half-wolf friend. You then have to rescue Blaidd from a trap in Forlorn Hound Evergoal.

Now, you only have to defeat an unfriendly Blaidd at the entrance to Ranni’s Rise. This point is just at the backside of Royal Moongrazing Grounds. This will get you Blaidd Armor as well as the Royal Greatsword.

Note: You must have completed Ranni’s questline beforehand to get this sword from Blaidd.

What does the Royal Greatsword do in Elden Ring, Is It Any Good?

Being a Colossal weapon, the Royal Great Sword hits hard dealing both physical and magical damage. The Wolf’s Assualt Skill on this weapon allows you to infuse the sword with frost, perform a frontward flip to dump it into the ground, and then pull it out to release a cold blast.

This colossal sword requires Strength 26, Dexterity 18, and Intelligence 22 to wield. It scales based on Strength D, Dexterity E, and Intelligence D. With this weapon, you sacrifice your mobility for gaining explosive physical strength that eats away chunks of the enemy’s health in each strike.

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