Horizon Zero Dawn Ancient Vessels Locations Guide

Following Horizon Zero Dawn Ancient Vessel locations guide will help you find all of the vessels and unlock the relevant trophy.

In Horizon Zero Dawn, Ancient Vessels are spread across the entire map, along treacherous paths and hidden grottos. In this guide, we will help you with all 12 Horizon Zero Dawn Ancient Vessels Locations to collect them and unlock the trophy “All Ancient Vessels Found.”

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Horizon Zero Dawn Ancient Vessels Locations

From the Devi’s Thirst bandit camp head west and go beyond the bridge. After you cross the bridge there is going to be ancient debris to your left. Search the debris and find the Dronehop ancient vessel.

Head to Devil’s Grief to the far east side of the map. Move toward the south west to reach the campfire placed near a ruined building. There is another ruined building to the east from there, head to the north of wall outside to find the USRC.

Head south from the USRC vessel, there is a massive wooded area to the west. Keep following east side of this wooded area and you will come across two walls. Between these two there is a pile of debris where this vessel is placed.

There is a tallneck at the Devil’s Thirst, head north from this location. Right by the river you will come across an area with lights and signs from our time. You focus ability will let you know of a pile of ancient debris nearby. Here is where you will find your first Horizon Zero Dawn ancient vessels.

While completing “Revenge” Nora mission you can find this Miriam on one of the cultist’s you kill at the first camp. Keep your eyes on the pink symbol.

Go to the Devil’s Thirst and use the path to the south. Go beyond the bridge and take a right. You will come across ruined buildings where you will find the vessel.

Sterling – Malkeet
There is a vessel inside the Shattered Klin Bandit camp. Look near the camp fire. Head towards the far northwest side of the Shattered Kiln Bandit Camp, the area where the bandits kept as a prisoner, right from the entrance of the west.

While heading to Maker’s End you will come across a large archway. Just before the archway, you can find the ancient vessel at the foot of a post to the right.

After you have cleared The City of the Sun quest, you can find a vessel in the middle of the excavation site. Just move North of the Cut-Cliffs and you’ll come across a rive. Cross it and head east into an area with cliffs. Find the Ancient Debris in the abandoned village.

During The Field of the Fallen mission with Ersa while following the tracks, you will come across debris of ancient pile at the top. Search it to find the vessel.

Go to the Sawtooth site by heading north from Meridian. Sawtooth is guarding the pile where the ancient vessel is placed. Therefore, keep a lot of firepower to finish them. You’ll come across the vessel along a ruined archway.

After you clear the second excavation site, you will find this one on the path during Maker’s End mission, near the Northeast of the marker. Head through cultists and corrupted machines and find the vessel inside the structure above the Maker’s End marker.

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