Horizon Zero Dawn Fish Bone And Skin Farming Guide

Horizon Zero Dawn Fish Bone And Skin guide that will help you find the important materials to craft different items for Aloy in the game.

Similar to multiple other games that share a bit of DNA with it such as Far Cry 4 and Rise of the Tomb Raider, Horizon Zero Dawn also features a crafting system that allows players to gather resources and then create equipment for Aloy to use. This Guide will tell you about Horizon Zero Dawn Fish Bone And Skin farming.

These craftable items include ammo pouch and satchel upgrades that allow Aloy to carry more items in her inventory for high level fights instead of having to worry about running out of those arrows. Among these resources required for crafting, some of the most essential ones are Fish bones and Fish skins.

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Horizon Zero Dawn Fish Bone and Skin Farming

It isn’t possible to find fish bones and skins just lying around the world so this Fish Bone and Skin guide will help players by taking them to the best places to farm these materials for crafting as well as highlight the best ways to gather them.

When looking for these items, players need to find a lake or a river since obviously fish will be in underwater. Once at the appropriate body of water, players should scan the water for signs of fish instead of diving in and looking for them manually as it can be time consuming and it is difficult to see underwater.

The best location to catch a decent amount of fish is near the start of the game, northwest of Mother’s Heart. There are two lakes in the area although the best one is between Hunter’s Gathering and Two-Teeth Bandit Camp.

Players should be able to scan and identify up to 8 fish at any time in this specific lake. Once scanned, they can be marked with R2 making it easier to shoot them with arrows. Having killed all the fish, players can dive in to the lake to retrieve loot. The ones which drop Fish bone will be highlighted in green while those which drop Fish skin will be blue.

Once the entire lake has been cleared, players need to go back to the nearest bonfire, which happens to be close to Hunter’s Gathering. At the bonfire, they need to manually save their progress and then reload that latest save file. This will respawn all the fish in the lake while players will still have Fish bone and skin in their inventory.

After loading the latest save file, players can head back to the lake and repeat the entire process again to gather as much Fish bone and skin as they want for their crafting needs.

Fish Bone and Skin Crafting Recipes

Potions Pouch Upgrade 2:

Increase potion capacity by +3, requires 1x Fish Bone, 20x Blaze, 100x Ridge-wood, 70x Metal Shards

Sling Ammo Pouch Upgrade 2:

Increase sling ammo capacity by +2, requires 1x Fish Bone, 20x Metal Shards, 5x Fatty Meat

Sling Ammo Pouch Upgrade 3:

Increase ammo capacity by +2, requires 1x Fish Skin, 125x Metal Shards, 1x Rat Bone

Outfit Satchel Upgrade 3:

Increases outfit capacity by +3, requires 2x Fish Bone, 40x Ridge-Wood, 75x Metal Shards

Outfit Satchel Upgrade 4:

Increases outfit capacity by +4, requires 1x Fish Skin, 50x Ridge-wood, 125x Metal Shards

Tearblaster Ammo Pouch Upgrade 2:

Increases tearblast ammo capacity by +5, requires 1x Fish Bone, 5x Rich Meat, 20x Metal Shards

Tearblaster Ammo Pouch Upgrade 3:

Increases ammo capacity by +5, needs 1x Raccoon Bone, 1x Fish Kin, 125x Metal Shards

Ropecaster Ammo Pouch Upgrade 3:

Increases ropecaster capacity by +5, requires 1x Fish Bone, 1x Turkey Skin, 125x Metal Shards.

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