Horizon Zero Dawn Cauldron Locations Guide

Cauldrons in Horizon Zero Dawn are special areas where the machines are built. There is a handful of Horizon Zero Dawn Cauldron locations available in the game.

Within these Cauldron, you can expect to find perplexing puzzles, tough machines, and a ton of valuable loot. Completing all these Horizon Zero Dawn Cauldron Dungeons allow you to unlock new overrides for your spear.

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Horizon Zero Dawn Cauldron Locations

These overrides basically allow you to turn hostile machines into attacking their own kind. This neat little feature can create the difference between life and death in the heat of the battle.

In our Horizon Zero Dawn Cauldron Guide, we’ve detailed everything you need to know about completing all the Cauldron Dungeons in the game to earn new overrides for your spear.


Recommended Level: 8

Horizon: Zero Dawn Cauldron Sigma
After speaking with Dral at Mother’s Crown, proceed towards the dungeon marked on your mini-map. Once inside, deal with a couple of Watchers before proceeding forward.

Inside the dungeon, you should be able to destroy the vents in order to create hiding spots. Continue ahead and override the uplink in order to get to the bridge and then to the main area.

From there, proceed to the platform and ride the container to the very end. At this point, you should be asked to find the Cauldron Core. Therefore, simply continue towards the mission marker.

A little ahead, you’ll come across a couple of Watchers and a Shell-Walker. Defeat them in any way you see fit and proceed towards the core. After getting there, head up the pylon and override it to lower the energy shield.

At this point, you’ll alert several Watchers. Try to deal with them before engaging the Bellowback. You should be able to stun it using the electric tripwire trap and override the core to complete the dungeon.

This dungeon unlocks the override for Grazer, Scrapper, Lancehorn, and Sawtooth.

Cauldron RHO

Recommended Level: 11

Horizon: Zero Dawn Cauldron RHO
This dungeon is located in the mountains on the southern side of the map’s middle. It’s important to note that you can’t access the front door and must find the underground door to head inside.

After heading inside, use the turbines to get to the first large turbine and ride it to latch onto the container. From there, override the bridge in order to get to the second large turbine. Now ride the second turbine and override the switch.

Now return to the first large turbine and use the containers to cross the gap. However, make sure to get off before the second barrier and change the horizontal turbine’s direction to get to the next area.

Once you get to the pool area, eliminate the Ravagers in the area and get to the bridge. Continue along the path and you should be able to find the core. There is also a ladder that can give you a good sniper spot for Ravagers.

Once again, use the pylon to lower the energy shield and use Burn elemental damage in order to deal with the couple of Snapmaw machines. This dungeon unlocks the override for Longleg, Shell-Walker, Trampler, Ravager, and Snapmaw.


Recommended Level: 20

Horizon: Zero Dawn Cauldron ZETA
This dungeon is located in the northwestern portion of the mini-map. You should be able to spot a Redeye Watcher guarding the entrance; therefore, eliminate it quickly and head inside.

Once inside, use your Focus to navigate the area. After you’re inside, head straight, drop onto the platform below, and head left to get to the core. Go through the doorway ahead to battle a couple of Watchers.

From there, override the pylon to lower the energy shield and prepare to fight a Thunderjaw. Although Thunderjaw is not easy to take down, you can check out our dedicated Thunderjaw Machine Guide to learn how to defeat it in no time.

This dungeon unlocks the override for Rockbreaker, Stormbird, and Thunderjaw.

Cauldron XI

Recommended Level: N/A

This dungeon is located in the southern portion of the Carja Lands. Do note that the area, however, is infiltrated by the Shadow Carja. It’s recommended that you try to take things slow and use stealth most of the time.

In addition to this, remember that your Focus is your best friend in these dungeons and can help you navigate these dungeons in a much better way. Moreover, remember to override the pylon to lower the energy shield and face the boss.

This dungeon unlocks the override for Glinthawk, Stalker, Fire Bellowback, Freeze Bellowback, and Behemoth.

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