How To Unlock All Spells In Hogwarts Legacy

Learning every spell in Hogwarts Legacy is a time confusing effort so we will go over the requirements for unlocking each spell.

Spells are the primary thing you need to focus on in Hogwarts Legacy if you want to be a great wizard. Completing different classes will help you unlock spells in Hogwarts Legacy, so we recommend you never miss out on them.

While progressing through the story, you will unlock different spells by completing assignments and quests. If you are interested in learning how to unlock all the spells in Hogwarts Legacy then we have that part covered for you.

Hogwarts Legacy spells and how to unlock them

You can unlock 34 spells in Hogwarts Legacy. While most spells are learned through classes or part of the main story, there are some that require you to complete optional assignments or relationship line quests.

Learning a wide variety of spells will allow you to create interesting spell combos and builds once you figure out how to change between spell sets.

In order to unlock the forbidden spells in Hogwarts Legacy you will have to engage yourself in Sebastian Sallow’s side quests. In doing so you can unlock the Dark Arts spell which includes the three unforgivable curses along with the Confringo as well.

You will be able to learn about unlocking all the spells from the spell list below along with how to unlock them in Hogwarts Legacy.

SpellDescriptionHow To UnlockTalents for each spell
AlohomoraUnlocks all locked doors and chests. Requires magical prowess to perform successfully.The Caretaker’s Lunar Lament
Ancient Magic ThrowWith this, you can hit targets with environmental objects. Can break through Shield Charms.Welcome to HogsmeadeAncient Magic Throw Expertise: You can catch enemy weapons and throw them back at your foes. Talent Upgrade (Level 5)
Ancient MagicThis will break the shield charm and deal damage to the enemies.Welcome to Hogsmeade 
Basic CastBasic spell is used for inflicting light damage on the target.The Path to HogwartsBasic Cast Mastery: It contributes more to the Ancient magic meter by reducing the spell cooldown. Talent Upgrade (Levels 5 and 16)
Petrificus TotalusPermanently stuns weaker enemies and temporarily stuns stronger enemies while dealing damage.Secrets of the Restricted SectionPetrificus Totalus Master:extends the area of effect which can affect nearby enemies. Talent Upgrade (Level 22)
ProtegoBlocking and deflecting enemy’s attacks. Well-timed use can also parry and deflect the enemy’s attack back them.The Path to HogwartsProtego Absorption:successful blocks will add to the Ancient magic meter allowing you to use two projectiles at your foes. Talent Upgrade (Levels 5,16 & 22)
RevelioReveals hidden enemies, objects, chests, and items.The Path to HogwartsRevelio Masteryincreases the range of Ravelio’s spell. Talent Upgrade (Level 16)
StupefyStun enemies to deal additional damage.The Path to HogwartsStunning Curse:foes struck by it remain stunned for longer periods allowing you to deal direct damage on impact. Talent Upgrade (Level 5,16,22)
Beast FeedSummons food to feed beasts.Beasts Class– 
Beast Petting BrushThis will help you groom beasts and collect feathers by summoning a brush in Hogwarts Legacy.Beasts Class– 
DisillusionmentIt makes the user invisible and harder to detect. It also allows the caster to use Petrificus Totalus spell to kill enemies when in stealth.Secrets of the Restricted SectionHuman Demiguise:grants you the ability to sprint while using this spell. Talent Upgrade (Level 5)
LumosGive you the ability to see in dark areas. You can also solve puzzles using it.The Path to Hogwarts –
Nab-sackThis is a charmed bag that you can use to hold and rescue beasts.The Elf, the Nab-sack, and the Loom –
ReparoAs the name suggests, you can use it to fix something damaged.Professor Ronen’s Assignment
Wingardium LeviosaWith this spell, you can control and lift objects.Professor Garlick’s Assignment 1
Arresto MomentumThis will allow you to slow down enemies.Madam Kogawa’s Assignment 2Slowing Cursecursed foes take increased damage. Talent Upgrade (Level 16)
GlaciusThis attack freezes damage, so they take more damage.Madam Kogawa’s Assignment 1Glacius MasteryYou can use Glacius blasts on your foes. Talent Upgrade (Level 16)
LeviosoAnother spell that you can use to lift enemies and objects.Defence Against the Darks Arts ClassLevioso Masteryallows you to levitate enemies surrounding your target. Talent Upgrade (Level 5)
TransformationA transformation spell that allows you to change the forms of enemies and objects in Hogwarts Legacy.Professor Weasley’s AssignmentTransformation Masteryallows you to strike enemies with this spell and turn them into explosive objects. Talent Upgrade (Level 22)
AccioThis spell breaker and pulling enemies close to you spell that you will use most often in the game.Charms ClassAccio MasteryAllows you to pull foes apart from your targets. Talent Upgrade (Level 5)
DescendoSpell is for flying enemies to bring them to the ground.Complete “Professor Onai’s AssignmentDescendo MasteryAllows you to create a descend slam which results in a shockwave around your foes. Talent Upgrade (Level 16)
DepulsoThis one helps you to build some distance between you and your enemies.Professor Sharp’s Assignment 1Depulso Masteryreleases an additional blast at your foes. Talent Upgrade (Level 5)
FlipendoYou can use this spell to flip enemies upside down and throw them away.Professor Garlick’s Assignment 2Same effects as Knockback Curse. Talent Upgrade (Level 5)
BombardaIt is a heavy-damage attack that has an AoE as well.Professor Howin’s AssignmentBombarda Masteryexplosive blast on a massive area. Talent Upgrade (Level 16)
ConfringoYou can use it to set enemies on fire who are at a distance from you.In the Shadow of the UndercroftConfringo Masteryproduces fiery bolts to target your enemies. Talent Upgrade (Level 5)
DiffindoAnother long-distance attack that slashes through enemies.Professor Sharp’s Assignment 2Same effects as Disarming curse. Talent Upgrade (Level 5)
ExpelliarmusIt will help you to disarm enemies.Professor Hecat’s Assignment 2Talent Upgrade (Level 5)
IncendioThis will set objects on fire and deal minor damage as well.Professor Hecat’s Assignment 1Incendio Masteryunleash a ring of flame to defend yourself against enemies. Talent Upgrade (Level 5)
Altering SpellIf you find some items in the Room of Requirements, you can transform them using this spell.Interior Decorating
Conjuring SpellThis spell will conjure items in the Room of Requirments.The Room of Requirement
EvanescoIn the Room of Requirements, this spell will vanish the items it is used on.The Room of Requirement
Avada KedavraOne shot attack that can take out enemies.In the Shadow of the RelicAvada Kedavra Mastery. Talent Upgrade (Level 22)
CrucioA high-damage attack that makes enemies fall with pain.Complete the “In the Shadow of the Study” relationship questCrucio Mastery. Talent Upgrade (Level 16)
ImperioTurns enemies into allies temporarily. Allied enemies take reduced damage; once the effects wear off, they take additional damage.Complete the “In the Shadow of Time” relationship quest.Imperio Mastery. Talent Upgrade (Level 16)

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